5 Ways of Making Money Playing Video Games

Playing video games was in the past viewed as just a normal leisure activity. However, with the evolution of gaming, it has proven to be an activity that can generate some income for Canadians. How can one get started? We consulted an expert Conrad Brennan (check profile), and here are some ways of earning money by playing video games he shared with us:

Quality Assurance Tester

Being a quality assurance tester doesn’t involve just playing the game; no, there is so much more involved. It involves playing the game to the highest possible levels multiple times until you report that you had fun while playing and do not object to anything.

As a quality assurance tester, you are tasked with the responsibility of reporting any glitch or error in the game to developers. The developers, on the other hand, know how to deal with the glitch or bug. It is estimated that quality assurance testers earn an average of 10-15 dollars per hour, which is good and better than many other jobs.

Play in Casino

You can play slot machines in a Canadian casino, which is a thrilling way for you to make money. Starting with casino free games comes in handy when you want to learn the ins and outs of various games.

There exist many slots with a high probability of winning even when using a little amount of money. Though it is a little risky, this is also a fun activity that can earn you good amounts of money when you play in casino.

Video Game Tester

Being a video game tester means that you are employed by the gaming company and tasked with the responsibility of thorough testing of the game to ensure it is free of bugs and glitches. The only difference between a video game tester and a quality assurance tester is that a quality assurance tester is paid to play the game while a video game tester is paid to break the game.

Also referred to as a Beta tester, a video game tester is required to play all levels of the game and use all characters in the game with the sole motive of finding bugs in the game. A bug is anything wrong with the programming of an application or website.

There exist very many bugs in the development of games and it is the work of a video game tester to identify and have them sorted before the release of the game. A video game tester can take actions or reach levels that very few players will ever reach. It is a well-paying job that you can venture in


YouTube is the world’s largest video hosting website and a great platform to earn from. Being a Youtuber has now been a full-time job for many and an alternative to normal employment. There are very many ways of making money on YouTube.

The first thing to do to start earning from YouTube is opening a YouTube Channel. This is free, requiring you to fill in a few details about yourself and the content you wish to produce. From here, you need to create content for your channel. In the case of gaming for a beginner, you need to live stream yourself playing the game. Dependent on how good you are on your game, you attract views which in turn earn you money. Once you acquire viewers, it is time to monetize your channel. This you can do by

  • Placing ads on your channel
  • Offering tutorials on your gaming tricks and tips
  • Critiquing other gamers
  • Reviewing of different games

These are sure ways of earning you some income


Twitch is the most common platform for gamers to stream their online play and turn it into a profit. Similar to YouTube, Twitch has a money-making structure. It requires you first to get a following and be able to attract some traffic on the site. After this is when you apply for monetization status; from here, you can earn from several avenues as you play slots and other games online. You can monetize through:


Twitch compensates you for people who watch ads on your channel

Google Adsense

Google compensates you for ad views.

Amazon Affiliate Links

This involves you as a gamer recommending products available at Amazon using an affiliate link. Every time a purchase is made using your affiliate link Amazon compensates you

PayPal Donations

Twitch allows you to receive payments via PayPal donations from loyal fans and sponsors. This means that you have to be good at playing to lure your viewers into having your tricks and skills in playing

Above are some of the approaches you can earn playing video games in Canada. Be sure to enjoy your favorite game and make money from playing.

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