Amazon buys receipt data from outside its store

The reseller begins with a “sad” observation: “In fact, Amazon represents only 4% of US retail sales.” To improve his knowledge of the market, he intends for some people to collect their receipts and respond to surveys.

The company explicitly claims that it will “collect and anonymize the information that volunteers choose to share.” He will use ads to improve measurement and relevance […] As well as to improve the selection of products and materials on Amazon ”.

In short, Amazon wants to pay to recover data to better sell its advertising and to reinforce its position as offering better customized products to resellers. In return, this “offers participants the opportunity to earn more than $ 10 per month.” Enough to revive the debate over the marketing of our data in France?

Participation in the Amazon Shopper List is currently only possible by invitation to interested volunteers across the Atlantic. All details can be seen here.

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