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An 82-Year Old Pilot Will Accompany Jeff Bezos On His Flight To Space On 20th July!

Jeff Bezos Pilot

Key Specifications

  • Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his brother will fly to space on July 20.
  • They will be accompanied by 82 years old Mary Wallace Funk as a pilot.
  • After 60 years Mary gets the chance to go to space.

Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos has chosen Mary Wallace Funk, the 82-year-old female as their pilot. The company announces on Thursday that Wally Funk will be aboard the July 20 launch from West Texas.

She’ll join Bezos, his brother and the winner of a charity auction, as the first people to fly a New Shepard rocket. Mary was supposed to go to space 60 years ago. For this, she also passed the necessary tests required.

The only thing that hindered her journey to space was her gender. Now, she gets the chance to share the spaceship with Jeff and his brother.

The Company gives the following statement:

On 20 July, she will join Bezos; his brother, Mark Bezos; and the winner of an auction as the first people to fly in a Blue Origin rocket and capsule.

The mission will be a short suborbital flight, with the rocket rising above the 62-mile threshold generally regarded as the beginning of space, before returning to Earth.

Passengers aboard the rocket, called New Shepard, will experience zero gravity for four minutes and then touch back down in the desert in West Texas, the site of the rocket’s launch.

Bezos will fly to space by his rocket company Blue Origin on July 20. Earlier,  Bezos’s rocket company had auctioned a seat for $28 million. Over 7,600 people had registered to bid from 159 countries.

The anonymous bidder who paid an exorbitant amount of $28 million will fly to space along with Jeff and his brother.

Through his Instagram account, Jeff Bezos welcomes Mary to accompany him to space on his flight New Shepherd. He writes:

 “No one has waited longer. In 1961, Wally Funk was at the top of her class as part of the “Mercury 13” Woman in Space Program.

Despite completing their training, the program was canceled, and none of the thirteen flew.

It’s time. Welcome to the crew, Wally. We’re excited to have you fly with us on July 20th as our honored guest.”

Talking about history, In the 1960s, 13 American women went through a rigorous astronaut training program to determine whether women were fit for space.

Despite testing just as well as men at the time, none ever became astronauts. Moreover, at that time NASA is giving jobs only to men as candidates to become pilots.

After five years the fighter pilot requirement was lifted, that the United States sent its first woman, Sally Ride, into space.

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