Angels Of Death Season 2: Canceled or Will It Return?

Will Angels of Death Season 2 Release

Love the idea of watching Manga anime series and looking forward to the releasing of Angels of Death Season 2? Keep scrolling the page and get to know whether the second installment of this series will ever make a comeback or not.

One of the popular anime series, Angels of Death is mainly inspired by the psychological horror game that is developed by Hoshikuzu KRNKRN and published by Den Fami Nico. This video game was released on Ninetendo Switch and Microsoft Windows back in the year 2015. Owing to its immense popularity, it was then turned into an anime series and JC Staff and his team. Angels of Death has created a buzz among the audience soon after releasing and has earned a huge fanbase within a short period of time. Since then, viewers are waiting for its second servings but unfortunately show makers haven’t dropped any comment regarding the same yet.

Will Angels of Death Season 2 ever return on screen? What will be the storyline? When will it get premiered? What about the characters? If all such questions are triggering your mind, then worry not and keep on reading to the end.

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Will Angels of Death Season 2 Release?

Frankly speaking, there is no official statement is yet given by the show makers yet and that is why whether season 2 of anime will get premiered or not is still a question for everyone. Basically, this series was an adaption of the game, and unfortunately, it has ended its story. Lack of source content is the major reason why the sequel of this series is not getting the green flag.

However, there are still the reasons that indicate the comeback of Angels of Death Season 2, sooner or later. One such reason is that the manga adaption of the game is still in the run and has released 10 volumes to date. It might be possible that show makers will create a new series as soon as they get enough content from the Manga adaption of the game.

Also, anime series usually take 4 to 5 years for their renewal, therefore, the chances of its returning on the screen are still bright. So, don’t lose hope!! We’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear something reliable.

A Quick Recap of the Angels of Death Series

Premiered in July 2018, the inaugural season of this sensational anime has lived up to its hype. The storyline of the first season was revolved around a thirteen-year-old girl, named Rachael. She was sleeping peacefully but when she woke up, she found herself trapped in the basement of the building. Later, she understood that she got trapped in a weird game where no one is allowed to enter the boundaries of other participants.

But she did not take this game seriously and reached another floor where she met another person, named Zack. Both of them made plans to escape from the building. Now, how they will get out of this mess comprises the whole series. This Japanese anime was released on 6th July 2018 and continued till 21 September of the same year. It consists of 12 episodes in total.

Less than a month later, the show makers also released 4 original net animation episodes to fascinate the fans. This series got mixed reviews from both fans and critics but still, it succeeded in earning a massive fan base. However, the Angels of Death Season 2 is yet to be confirmed.

What About the Characters of Angels of Death Series?

The anime series usually have the same characters and, therefore, it is expected that the show makers will add them into the sequel as well. Some of the characters included in the first season are:

  • Haruka Chisuga as Rachael Gardner
  • Derick Snow as Daniel Dickens
  • Dallas Reid as Isaac Foster
  • R.Bruce Elliot as Abhram Gray

However, this is just an expectation as anime characters are not likely to change in the sequels. The show makers will also add some new characters in the story to add a dash of fun in the same.

The Final Word

So, this is all about the Angels of Death Season 2. Hope it helps you in eradicating all the doubts. At this point in time, there is no clue when the second servings of this anime will hit the screens, but we could something positive in the near future. Till then, stay connected with us!!