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Angels of Death Season 2: Everything We Know So Far!

When to Expect Angels of Death Season 2 Release Date

It’s been nearly three years since season 1 of the very popular Angels of Death enthralled the fans and cast a magical spell on the viewers. Everyone out there is waiting with bated breath for the second installment of this fabulous series but will it ever hit the screen is still a question for everyone. If you are a hardcore fan of this show and are curiously waiting for Angels of Death Season 2, then we’ve got the rundown.

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A Quick Overview of Angels of Death Season 1

Before jumping into the details of the second servings of this series, let’s just quickly recall the previous season. Based on the game series of the same name, the first episode of this sensational anime was rolled out in July 2018. This show was full of nail-biter suspense and was not for faint of hearts. It comprises 12 episodes; however, another 4 episodes were launched later on Amazon Prime Video in Japan. Later on, the entire series was sold as Blu-Ray/ DVD Volumes.

This is mainly an adventure horror anime show packed with thriller elements. The series revolves around 13-years old Rachael Gardner who is the sole witness of a murder. However, she wakes up on the basement floor under mysterious circumstances. She remembers nothing except her name and the reason why she has brought to the hospital.

Racheal then comes to know that she is now a part of a game and every player is assigned a different floor. If any player trespasses into another floor, then he or she gets killed. But she doesn’t take it seriously and reaches B6 where she gets almost murdered by a serial killer Zack. Racheal somehow manages to save her and join hands with Zack to get out of this game. Later, she finds her connection with all wicked and strange people present on different floors.

The series got mixed reviews from the viewers and critics. But somehow, it gets succeeded in acquiring a huge fanbase across the world. The story is mainly outlined to fascinate those who love to enjoy the spine-chilling experience of horror movies. Since the story of the source material has ended in the first installment, the makers will have to bring a new storyline for launching the Angels of Death Season 2.

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When to Expect Angels of Death Season 2 Release Date?

Let’s be honest, there is no clarity about the second season of this horror anime series. Neither JC Staff nor any other anime studio has chosen the series for another run, owing to the lack of material. As it is inspired by the game, therefore, it totally depends on the gaming content for the sequel and the game has already ended its story.

However, don’t lose hope as there are still chances for the renewal of this animated show. Well, nothing is official yet but there are chances that show makers might adopt Angels of Death Episode.0 Manga if it has enough volumes. We could expect another season of this anime tentatively in 2022. We will surely update you as soon as the makers will announce its release date.

What is Angles of Death Episode.0 Manga?

If speculations are to be believed, then the makers might go for Angels of Death Episode.0 Manga to create the new season. Therefore, we have outlined everything about this concept to ease the fans.

In the year 2017, Gene Pixiv magazine of Kadokawa has launched the first volume of the prequel of Angels of Death game. Since then, only three volumes are launched. It is expected that once there will be enough volumes, the show makers might use them to make a movie adaptation. However, it is a prequel series, therefore, it is hard to decide that whether the orientation will be called Angels of Death Season 2 or a spin-off series.

It will feature the plot of the Manga volumes where the storyline will revolve around Daniel Danny Dickens. He is working as a counselor for prisoners. The series will also feature a jailer, Catherine Cathy Ward alongside the best friend, lucy. As the plot proceeds further, they will meet a mischievous prisoner. The plot will be surely exciting and will introduce several new characters who will raise the heat and add fun.

It is believed that we could see Racheal Gardener and Zack in the later portions of the series; however, it is not confirmed yet. Don’t lose heart as the producers will not disappoint the fans and surely come back with the new season sooner or later.

The Final Thought

This all about Angels of Death Season 2!! Keep visiting the page and get in touch with us for more updates on this anime series.