Barrister Babu 7th April 2021 Written Episode: Anirudh Teaches Bondita A Lesson?

Barrister Babu Today's Episode

Viewers are enjoying the ongoing Colors serial named Barrister Babu. Due to its entertaining storyline and the frequent addition of twists, the serial is topping the ratings. Let’s find out what will happen in the upcoming written episode of the trending serial. Today’s episode begins with Anirudh. He says that he wants to teach Manroama how to type. Later, he tells Bondita that he wants to have the delicious coffee that she prepares. He adds that Bondita should do the household dishes as well. Bondita doesn’t like that and stands annoyed.

Barrister Babu 7-4-2021

Bondita asks Anirudh to give her that gift he was talking about as after then, she will feel good. She continues that she never refused to continue her education so why is he forgetting his promise. Anirudh says that she must have select one as she cannot have both the choices. He taunts that she wanted to become his wife, an ideal wife to be precise so he is giving her a chance to be one. Anirudh adds that he is starving and wants his wife to cook something for him. Bondita heads to the kitchen and gets busy with food preparation.

Later, Manorama and Bondita share a conversation. The former tells Anirudh that she was very afraid that their secret will get out. Anirudh smiles and says that he cannot just tell everyone about their marriage based on a compromise. Manorama asks Anirudh to explain how did he do this in the first place. Anirudh answers that he has seen Sampoorna mixing “Bhaang” in the Thandaai so he acted like he actually consumed that. Anirudh asks Manorama to stay away from Sampoorna as she will not sit quietly after this.

Meanwhile, Bondita cooks food for Anirudh. The latter visits the kitchen and feels upset to see Bondita buys in household chores.  He goes and comes back with some paper. He asks Bondita to use the papers he brought to soak the oil on Puris. Bondita gets shocked. She asks how could he give her those papers when he knows that the papers are her homework notes. Anirudh says that she has lost interest in education so these papers have lost their value either so she should focus on becoming a perfect wife only.

Bondita defends herself saying she still likes to study a lot.  Anirudh tells her that he even told the principal that Bondita has chosen her future to become an ideal wife so she will not be becoming a Barrister. After listening to this, Bondita begins to cry. Later, Anirudh even makes Bondita jealous by praising Manorama and asking her to keep bringing the Puris. Bondita feels sad. To find out why Anirudh is behaving in such a way with Bondita, watch Barrister Babu on Colors TV. Stay tuned with us for more written episode updates of the show.