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Battlegrounds Mobile India Data Transfer Service From PUBG Mobile to Temporarily Shut Down Starting July 6

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Key Specifications

  • BGMI developers announce that Players can transfer data till July 5.
  • Now Battlegrounds Mobile India is available to all.
  • Previously, the developers announced that players can transfer the data from PUBG Mobile till December 3.

Battlegrounds Mobile India rolls out officially for all Android users. Players can head over to the Google Play Store and download the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India allows players to transfer their data from PUBG Mobile over to the new game. But the feature is going to shut down starting July 6.

Battlegrounds Mobile India gets release publicly for all yesterday. However, iOS users have to wait a little more. The developers had previously announced that Battlegrounds Mobile India players can transfer the data from PUBG Mobile till December 3.

However, on the day of the official release, the developers have paused the data transfer. South Korean developer Krafton shared through a notice on the official Battlegrounds Mobile India website.

 “We apologize for the inconvenience upon temporary shutdown of the data transfer. Those who wish to transfer their data, please do so before July 6th,” Krafton wrote and explained that this “data transfer service” is being offered “in order to safely secure the data of fans from India”.

The notice states that the data transfer service will temporarily shut down starting July 6 until further notice. So it is better to transfer your data before the due date.

The data transfer service is currently active and allows players to transfer their accounts that include achievements, inventory, rank, skins, and moreover from PUBG Mobile.

The developers have not shared details on when they plan to resume the data transfer service. Further, the developers announce various in-game events.

The duration of receiving the “India ka Battlegrounds” gift along with 1 million and 5 million total download rewards is extending to August 19.

In addition, players can also collect the Constable Set (permanent gift for 10 million downloads) after the official opening until August 19. Krafton will announce more such in-game events in the coming days.

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