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Best Alternative Apps For SHAREit And Xender: Top file transfer apps of 2020

Best Alternative Apps For SHAREit And Xender: Top file transfer apps of 2020

Are you looking for Alternative Apps For SHAREit And Xender? If yes, you are lucky to land here. Sharing of documents, images, videos are every person’s need. SHAREit/ Xender was one of the very popular apps that used to transfer GB files in seconds. But Do you compromise with your data security? No right? So, go through this article and find the best Alternatives apps for SHAREit and Xender that are safe too!

SHAREit and Xender were one of the top file-sharing apps. To date these apps were alive, no one was asking for their alternatives. The two apps were among 59 Chinese apps banned by the Indian government in the first Slot due to some security concerns. It has been confirmed that Chinese apps are stealing user’s data and this action is strictly against regulations. Hence, the Indian government decided to ban Chinese apps that show a red flag against Data security.

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Best Alternative Apps For SHAREit And Xender

Whenever we use a phone or connected to the internet, we often think of security. Isn’t it? When we share files, we share the best moments captured together. Right? Do you want that your precious moments are stored by some unknown person too? My answer to it is no and I guess yours too! So, Transfer your data securely with these apps, below is the list.

1) Dropbox

Dropbox allows everyone to upload files and put them on the cloud and share them with anyone. This is not only for sharing but storing as well. If you want to keep your data safe over the cloud, put it in dropbox. Its features are:

  • If you have done the settings then Dropbox Automatically upload videos and photos from your camera roll to cloud photo storage. This makes sharing easy, fast, and convenient.
  • Access files anytime anywhere whether online or offline.
  • Easily send large files to one who does not have a dropbox account. Simple copy the link and send them through any other platfrom.
  • Scan documents and turn them into PDF and tore. Easily access whenever required.
  • Sync folders on your PC or Mac to Dropbox with computer backup, and recover older versions or restore deleted files with version history and file recovery.

More of all, the app is free to use and trustworthy. you have 2000 GB of storage space, that’s incredible!

2) Share all

Share all is one of the apps that resembles most to SHAREit. Share all allows you to transfer data offline of any size and type without any mess. The main thing is no internet or cables are needed to connect the phone. Both the devices just have the app installed. The most beneficial feature of the app is that you can share files separately in a form of a bucket which includes Apps, videos, photos, music, office files, etc. Its features are:

  • No network restriction
  • No USB needed.
  • Share all types of files
  • Bucket Sharing
  • Fast speed
  • Secure transfer

3) Jio Switch

Given by Reliance, it is one of the renowned app designed for File Sharing purpose. The app supports a wide array of file transfers from one system to another. Its features are:

  • You can transfer data between Android and iOS devices. Thus cross-platfrom sharing is allowed here.
  • Send individual files or bucket files.
  • The transfer is very fast like flash.

4) Nearby Share

Nearby Share app is launched by Android to allow reliable and secure sharing across thousands of Android phone models and billions of people. Nearby Share is coming by default to Android 6.0+ phones. This would be much helpful for people using android. Its features are

  • Easy share of content
  • Share content both online and offline
  • Privacy is the utmost concern of the makers so share files without any worries.
  • The app works smoothly with Chromebooks.

Final words

Well, readers, I guess no one wants to put their data at risk, neither me nor you. So rather than thinking of gone apps, again and again, start using new apps. I know you might be too addicted to using SHAREit and Xender but adaptation is the rule of life.

I hope you would like this article. Share your feedback.

Do share if you know more apps that are better and safe too. We would definitely update your views in our article. Thank you!