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Best Kodi Skins to Try in 2021 for an Outstanding Kodi Experience

Best Kodi Skins 2021

Hey Folks! Are you an ardent lover of the Kodi platform? There is no doubt that Kodi is the best streaming platform to date. Today, every third person has installed Kodi for their entertainment. But, getting bored with the Kodi Skin? Well, today in this post we will gonna share some Best Kodi Skins that you must try in 2021 for an outstanding Kodi Experience.

What is Kodi Skin?

For those who won’t familiar with the term Skin, When you open the Kodi application, the interface that appears in front of you is the Skin. Kodi Skins are the legal files that completely makeover the visual design of the app.  Kodi Skins provide a sleek-looking interface that is pleasing to the eye.
Not only the looks but Kodi Skins also changes the working of the Kodi application. Many users are not aware of how to change or edit this screen.
There are so many Kodi skins available on the internet. Choosing the appropriate skin for your Kodi is quite a difficult task as the skins not only change the looks. Skins also change the functionality of the application. If by chance anyone chooses the wrong skin, this will create problems with the application.
For the ease of our readers, we have created the list of the Best Kodi skins that you should try in 2021. So without further ado, let’s focus on the topic of the post-Best Kodi Skins.

Best Kodi Skins 2021

1) Arctic  Zephyr 2 – Best for Large-Screen TVs

Arctic Zephyr 2 is one of the simplest Kodi Skin available. This skin is developed by Jurialmunkey. This is an extremely polished skin that can easily replace Kodi’s default interface and upgrade it.

Arctic Zephyr 2 brings bright color schemes and uses labels for home menu items instead of icons.  The Interesting thing for Live TV watchers is that this skin brings a nicely designed TV schedule where you can check out upcoming movies and TV shows.

Arctic Zephyr skin changes Kodi’s menu into a large, bottom-positioned bar. This skin also lets you add your own shortcuts. When the user switch between different items the large image on the background also changes.

Another change is the use of labels for home menu items instead of icons. This skin is best for Fire TV, Fire Stick, HTPC, and other streaming boxes.

Author  Jurialmunkey
Mouse Support  Yes
Size N/A
Compatibility Kodi Leia (v18.x)

2) Aeon Nox (SiLVO) – Best-Looking Kodi v19 Skin

Want a futuristic feel while streaming? Then Aeon Nox is the best option. This is the popular skin and number one choice of every user for several years. This skin is incredible with many Kodi Builds including No Limits Magic Build.

This skin presents your media content via a grid of posters that you can navigate in several ways. It is applicable to movies, TV shows, as well as music. Aeon Nox is compatible with all the versions of the Kodi application including Kodi 19.

This skin has a very neat and simple interface. It provides a fresh feel to your photo gallery and add-ons. The specialty of Aeon Nox is its Download size. This download file is just 10 MB. That’s why it works perfectly with almost all devices.

Aeon Provides many customizable settings. This skin lets users play with its colors, themes, and fonts. This skin comes with many variations such as Aeon NoQ, Aeon Nox 5: Destiny, Aeon Nox 5: Dragon, Aeon Nox LEGO, and Aeon Nox Silvo.

Author BigNoid, SiLVO
Version 7.0.9
Size 10MB
Compatibility Up to Kodi 19 ‘Matrix’ (older versions supported as well)

3) Confluence – Best Skin for Fans of Kodi’s Old UI

Confluence skin is not new at all. Still, I find it worthy to mention it in our list. The reason behind this is the consistent performance. This has been the default skin for numerous previous Kodi releases (since version 9, to be more precise). With that said, you can easily install this skin and restore your Kodi’s appearance to its earlier state.

Best Kodi Skins 2021

Confluence is one of the decent Kodi skin.  As Kodi 18 and 19 version does not have a background image, but you can pick a new background image from the local storage. The main menu appears horizontally with many categories such as Videos, Music, Add-ons, systems.

People can add or remove the categories in the main menu accordingly. This skin also shows plenty of information for each title of your movies, TV shows, and other types of content. Confluence skin is too simple but provides a modern look with many features.

Confluence lets users choose addons from the home screen. Works perfectly with all kinds of devices such as a mouse, touch, remote-controlled. On the whole, this skin will definitely enhance your Kodi experience. So you should give it a try.

Author Team Kodi, Jezz_X
Version 3.1.43
Size 6.89 MB
Compatibility Up to Kodi 19 ‘Matrix’ (older versions supported as well)

4) Amber

The next skin on our list is – Amber. It is another popular skin that brings lots of exciting features. As it is a lightweight skin, works perfectly with all the devices. lightweight skin that is loaded with lots of features. Amber works smoothly on all the devices. This is a highly customizable Kodi skin. Amber comes with a very easy-to-read interface.

By default, Amber brings a horizontal menu and the main categories are visible outright. Scroll down to see high-resolution images in the background. When you select any category, you will see a nice horizontal row filled with movie posters. However, you can customize almost everything about Amber.

If you’re not appealed to horizontal navigation, you can opt for a vertical main menu. The most interesting thing is that you can customize everything in amber such as a home shelf, home menu, background, etc.

The Amber Skin is great for those who want to customize their home screen.

With Amber, you can change the main menu to show any pictures you want by simply uploading them to your device. Users can also edit the Settings tabs to show horizontally or vertically, along with many other awesome features.

By default, Amber brings a horizontal menu with the main categories visible straight away. As you scroll through these categories, you’ll see high-resolution images in the background. These will be based on your Kodi’s media library. Once you get into a specific category, you will see a nice horizontal row filled with movie posters. However, you can customize almost everything about Amber.

If you’re not a fan of horizontal navigation, you can opt for a vertical main menu. This will automatically employ grids of artwork and movie posters so you can see more at once. You won’t see a row of posters in specific categories – but a grid or a list of available titles instead.

Author Pecinko, Jester, Joethepartylion, Bsoriano
Version 1.0.0
Size N/A
Compatibility Up to Kodi 19 ‘Matrix’ (older versions supported as well)

5) BOX

The box is one of the best Kodi skins which is a combination of older versions of Kodi Skins. There are many Kodi users who want the simplest look and content will be more organized. This skin provides many customizable options.

The main menu of Box is categorized into many categories such as movies, TV shows, and music. it provides many features such as play videos on the background, hides touch controls, and modifying the theme color on the background.

Best Kodi Skins 2021

This skin enables you to sort the music content according to playlists, sources, files, and add-ons. Bos sorted the movies according to titles and posters. This skin is a combination of two skins LightBox and nBox, both of which were hugely popular in the past.

The specialty of this skin is the straightforward Interface. The icons are sharp and use different types of navigation for different kinds of content. For instance- It uses a grid of posters for movies while music can be a long list of artists and playlists

Author DjCisco
Version 5.0.7
Size 22.07 MB
Compatibility Up to Kodi 18 ‘Leia’ (not compatible with Kodi 19)

How to Find & Install Skins on Kodi?

Here’s how to find and install skins on Kodi

  • Open the Kodi app and click on the cogwheel icon in the top-left content.
  • Kodi settings panel will open.  Click on ‘Interface.’
  • Choose the ‘Skin‘ option
  • Now tap on ‘Get More.’
  • Select the skin that you want to install and click on Confirm.

Final Words

Well, this is pretty everything about Best Kodi Skins 2021. I hope you will find it informative. Try all these Kodi skins and which is your favorite one? Share with us in the comments section below. Keep sharing!

Thanks for reading!

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