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Best Proxies for TikTok: How to Access Blocked TikTok in 2021?

Best Proxies for TikTok

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, many Chinese apps have been banned by the Government of India, following certain protocols. Among them is TikTok which gained huge popularity most recently. The app has been a great platform for content developers for showcasing their hidden talents. TikTok can still be accessed despite the ban. Hence, we have articulated Best Proxies for TikTok for our readers.

What is a TikTok Proxy?

As a matter of fact, TikTok proxies are the same as regular proxies. They are made in compliance with the TikTok services.

How does a TikTok Proxy work?

A TikTok Proxy routes its users’ requests to Tik Tok into different IP addresses. They use automation bots to create the users’ accounts that they would later use to like the videos.

Types of TikTok Proxies and Best Proxies for TikTok

Basically, there are 3 types of Proxies that can be used while accessing TikTok, namely, Datacenter, Residential and Mobile.

1. Datacenter Proxies

They are widely used by TikTok users because of their being cheap and unlimited bandwidth. The only catch is that one has to keep a track of the IP rotation. If one fails to do so, their account can be easily detected and banned permanently.

Best TikTok Proxies: Datacenter

  1. Highproxies: These are the best quality proxies. Most of these proxies are located in the US and a handful of them are in Europe. They also offer great infrastructures and the best systems.
  2. MyPrivateProxy: This has been so far the best proxy for TikTok by many users though. Their proxies are flatly undetectable and also, they clearly mention that these proxies were developed for the White Hat Industry.
  3. Instant Proxies: It is one of the popular private proxy providers because it is as cheap as $1 for a proxy. Although one needs to buy a minimum of 10 proxies still it is popular. Not only that, they give you a chance to test their proxies before buying.

2. Residential Proxies

These proxies are a combination of reliability and affordability.

Best TikTok Proxies: Residential Proxies

  1. Microleaves: They have an IP pool size of over 26 million addresses. It is quite affordable as it starts at $125 monthly for 10 ports. They have their presence in 130 countries.
  2. SmartProxy: With an IP bank of over 10 million and a presence in 195 countries, it is suitable for small businesses. The cost starts at $75 monthly for 5GB making it limited in terms of bandwidth.
  3. GeoSurf: We would recommend GeoSurf only if you have a large business because of the cost involved. Its cost starts at $450 monthly for 38GB. Having said that, 38 GB is the bandwidth limit.

3. Mobile Proxies

Proxies for mobile platforms, both android and iOS.

Best TikTok Proxies: Mobile Proxies

  1. Soax : It has some of the best proxies available for Mobile devices. Its cost starts at $40 daily for 17GB and 10 port. It is present in all countries around the world has more than 3.5 million IP addresses.
  2. Luminati : It has proxies in the residential, data center, and mobile categories. They are the pioneer in the mobile proxy network and have the largest number of mobile IP Addresses in the world. Its cost starts at $500 monthly for 17GB. Present worldwide having more than 7 million IP addresses.

How to access TikTok using Proxy?

Just follow the easy and simple steps for the same.

  1. login your proxy server based on the geo you want/need
  2. create your TikTok accounts
  3. login to your TikTok accounts
  4. repeat the same process for the other locations you want.

How many accounts can be used with Best Proxies for TikTok?

For datacenter proxies, make sure you don’t use more than 3 accounts per proxy. For mobile and residential proxies, you do not need to worry yourself about this – all you have to do is use rotating proxies.

Conclusion: Best Proxies for TikTok

We would highly recommend Residential Proxies. They are expensive than datacenter proxies and cheaper than mobile proxies. They are undetectable and take care of IP rotation for you, so you need not worry a lot for being detected and facing any further consequences.

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