BitTorrent vs uTorrent – Which One is Better?

BitTorrent vs uTorrent

BitTorrent vs uTorrent: It is beyond the doubt that Torrenting is in fashion today. People use torrent sites to download copyright content. There are many sites available on the Internet for torrenting. The two who stand out of most are- BitTorrent and uTorrent. Both the two apps look similar. But when we go undersurface, we found that there is lots of difference in both of them. Let us discuss all of them to find out which one is better – BitTorrent vs uTorrent.

Torrenting has become the most widely spread activity on the Internet. Around 3.5 percent of the population is indulged in Torrenting. To find out the better in BitTorrent or uTorrent is tough. As both these apps look similar. But do they really work similarly? Let us find out. At the End of the discussion, you will be capable to pick up the better option. So let’ get started:

uTorrent or BitTorrent: Differences & Similarities

BitTorrent vs uTorrent


BitTorrent vs uTorrent

The only way to find the best between the two is Comparison. When you go to the site of both the Torrenting clients, you will find that both have a similar interface. They really look like same. The free version of both – uTorrent and BitTorrent have lots of ads which is annoying. To block these ads you can choose the paid version of these applications. Now, look at the differences.

BitTorrent VS uTorrent: Which is Faster?

To choose the best torrenting software it is essential to look at their speeds. Speed is one of the important factors.

In terms of speed, BitTorrent has a speed` reaching up to 75 kb/s. On the other hand, uTorrent only clocks at a speed of about 10 kb/s. in that case, we can say that BitTorrent is faster. However, there are several factors that affect the speed of your torrenting site.

BitTorrent vs uTorrent

For instance, the larger the number of users on the torrenting site, the higher will be the impact on its speed. Another thing is your bandwidth plan. Your internet device must support the maximum speeds achievable. Otherwise, you will always hit the speed limit as defined by your ISP.

BitTorrent VS uTorrent: device Compatibility

The other factor to decide the better one is its Compatibility. For Mac OS users, BitTorrent is the better option as it gives the option of simultaneous download. Whereas uTorrent does not give this feature on Mac OS.

But for Android users, Both BitTorrent and uTorrent works well. However, BitTorrent has an upper hand over uTorrent in terms of compatibility.

To download BitTorrent software takes up to 3 MB of storage whereas uTorrent takes only 1MB of Storage.

BitTorrent is available on only desktop and mobile devices whereas uTorrent is available on mobile devices, desktops as well as online. Users who are afraid of downloading Torrenting software should go with uTorrent.

In Summing up all the points, BitTorrent lacks one point here as compared to uTorrent in terms of Compatibility.

BitTorrent VS uTorrent: Security

uTorrent retains more user data and information as compared to BitTorrent. Moreover, if any Government agency spys on you for online piracy, BitTorrent users need not worry as it will provide you safety.

BitTorrent VS uTorrent:Updates

uTorrent developers come with more updates from time to time. Currently, uTorrent has a beta and alpha version. More updates mean the latest features. On the other hand, BitTorrent has a stable version. But stable version means reliable. any software that is getting more updates is not reliable at all. Thus BitTorrent is more stable than uTorrent.

Both the software has their own limitations. If you want to enjoy the latest features then go with uTorrent.

BitTorrent VS uTorrent: Simultaneous Downloading

BitTorrent allows you to download multiple files together whereas uTorrent does not support such a feature. If you want to download two files together in uTorrent then first you have to download one file at a time and put another file on hold. But BitTorrent will download two files together. That’s interesting!

BitTorrent VS uTorrent: Cryptocurrency Miners

There are several applications that get installed themselves when you download uTorrent. Users have complained about this. The new versions of uTorrent comes with bloatware called crypto miners. These applications can drain your CPU resources. But there is no such problem with BitTorrent.

BitTorrent VS uTorrent: Other Differences

  • You can easily put uTorrent in any external device such as a USB drive and can run it directly. Whereas BitTorrent does not provide this feature.
  • uTorrent supports 67 languages whereas BitTorrent supports only 66 languages.
  • BitTorrent provides much protection instead of uTorrent.


Well, this is all about “BitTorrent vs uTorrent”. In terms of popularity and customers review, uTorrent is the best. It provides you the feature of portability( To download it from a pen drive). However, it does not allows you to download simultaneous files together. Moreover, BitTorrent is faster in terms of blocking ads.

So the points are in front of you. Hope it will be helpful for you to take your decision. In case any queries, do let us know in the comments section below, and don’t forget to share them.

Thanks for reading!

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