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Clash of Clans Town Hall 14 is set to release in 2021

Clash of Clan Town hall 14

Everyone is wondering When Clash Of Clans Town Hall 14 is going to release. Clash of Clans is one of the popular mobile games. Millions of players every month played this game and earn dollars. Supercell comes with regular updates to make the game engaging. It’s been one and half years when the Town Hall 13 was released. The entire Clan community is now fed up and early waiting when will Town Hall 14 is going to release.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 14 is probably knocking at the door. Everyone knows it is the only way to get new buildings, troops, spells, etc.

There are few Instances that gave us strong hint that Townhall 14 is just on its way:

1.By Statement:

Clash of Clans Community Manager, Darian Vorlick during an “Ask me Anything” session on the official subReddit made a statement that Town Hall 14 is going to release soon only in 2021. He also revealed that the first major update of Clash Of Clans is set to be in April.

2. Hammer Jam Event

A few days ago, Hammer jam Event went live on the game. It continued for 12 days. Surprisingly, it was given the name-  ‘The Last Town Hall 13 Challenge’. Generally, this event occurs when the developers are going to make any big update in the game. We can say, this event was a hint for the players to complete all your upgrades left in Townhall 13. The last time this event was held in May 2018. And after two weeks of this event, Town Hall 12 got released.

3. By Calculation

If we deeply go through the history of updates, we will found that Every new Town Hall would take almost 18 months of time to release. Town Hall 13 got released in December 2019. So, it’s a peak time. Town Hall 14 might release in this spring season.

The 18 month period has never been a hard set limit. It’s always been more of a guideline based on analyzing the data of how quickly players progress. We look at what percentage of players have reached max level, along with trying to predict what percentage of players will be maxed, or at least near maxed, by the time we release the new TH level. It’s been purely good timing that we were able to do TH13 18 months after the release of TH12. Future TH releases may come sooner than 18 months or may come later, wholly dependent on where the player base is, level-wise.

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Release Date of Town Hall 14

There are speculations that Town Hall 14 is going to release on April 12. During the time of festivities. Moreover, The Last Town Hall 13 Challenge is going to end on April 11. The major CoC update is going to release in Spring 2021. Last year, the Spring update got released by 30th March. That’s means we are just one week away from Townhall 14.

Townhall 14: What To Expect New?

There are chances that be troops and buildings will be added to the game. The game will concentrate more on multiplayer games. The developers can work on the combat and make it interesting.

New War Sceneries will be going to release. Currently, the developers’ submitted War sceneries to Supercell to make the platform and the winner was announced on 4th February.

In the Online “Ask Me Anything “session, Darian mentioned that the winter challenge map was a hit and we are planning to do more things like this in upcoming updates. Other things may include usual fixes and adjustments.

Final Words

Well, this is all about Clash of clans Townhall 14. As soon as the release date got open, we will update it here. So stay connected with us. And don’t forget to share this fantastic news with your friends and dear ones.

Thanks for reading!

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