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CoWIN Data Hacked? Centre asks emergency team of MeitY to investigate reports of CoWIN data breach

CoWIN app data leak

Key Specifications

  • There are rumors on Twitter that CoWIN app data is a leak
  • There are reports that the database of COVID-19 vaccinated Indian users is on sale at a price of $800 on the Dark Leak Market Website.
  • The CoWIN platform book the slots for vaccination

The Criminal intelligence profiling platform-  DarkTracer has posted a Tweet that the COVID 19 Vaccination portal CoWIN has hacked. According to the reports, the Dark Leak Market Website is selling the database of COVID vaccinated 150 million people is on sale at $800.

DarkTracer has even shared a screenshot along with the post in which the hackers claimed to be reselling the database for $800. The information that leaks include Names, Aadhaar Numbers, and locations of 150 Million People.

However, the Cyber teams and Security Researchers found no clue of hacking and denied the data breach, and believe that the hacking news is fake. They said that the team is further investigating the matter.

 The health ministry and security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaria made the following statement:

“Our attention has been drawn towards the news circulating on social media about the alleged hacking of Co-WIN system. In this connection, we wish to state that Co-WIN stores all the vaccination data in a safe and secure digital environment. No Co-WIN data is shared with any entity outside the Co-WIN environment. The data is claimed as having been leaked such as geo-location of beneficiaries is not even collected at Co-WIN. The news prima facie appears to be fake. However, we have asked the Computer Emergency Response Team of MeitY to investigate the issue,”

CoWIN is a platform that people use to book their slots for COVID vaccination. To book the slots, people need to enter their phone number, Aadhaar number, location, and other details.

The Government has denied any kind of hack and assures that our great team is looking for the matter. Rajashekhar explains that the news of the hack is completely fake.

lawyer and IFF head Apar Gupta states that the Indian government’s Computer Emergency response team must investigate the matter. We let you know that the CoWIN application has no privacy policy until June 2.

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