Dear Kind Nagaland Morning Lottery Result 8-4-2021 Announces At 11:55 AM Everyday

nagaland dear kind lottery

Survival gets easy when you have enough money by your side. Yes, the saying that money can not purchase happiness seems completely wrong here. People having an adequate amount of money are simply the happier. Well, the Nagaland government thinks the same as it always comes up with great lottery draws. Such a draw is named “Nagaland Dear Kind Morning”. You can check the results for the same on our site. All the possible information and the method to appear in the game can help you win big in these Sambad draws. So, check out the article below.

nagaland morning lottery

Nagaland comes in those states that contain the power to hold the gambling games in the state. There are thirteen such states holding the amazing games. This game is quite popular in the North-Eastern state and witnesses a huge number of people purchasing lottery tickets. The price of the said game’s ticket is also very cheap and anyone can buy it from any normal shop existing in the place. Though, you should check that the shop has authorization from the government to run the betting game.

Who doesn’t want to dream of extraordinary things and get the same thing to themselves? Everyone, right? Well, here you have the chance to get all the things you have been dreaming of. You will get different cash prizes considering the game has different winning positions. Here you will see a total of five winning categories. Starting from first, it goes all the way to the fifth. All these positions have unique cash prizes included in them. You can try yourself by buying the ticket that we mentioned earlier. The results of Nagaland Dear Kind Morning Lottery of 8th April will be posted at 11:55 AM.

Nagaland Lottery Result

First Winning Prize: Rs 26.05 Lakhs
Consolation Prize: Rs 1,000/-
Second Winning Prize: Rs 9,000/-
Third Winning Prize: Rs 500/-
Fourth Winning Prize: Rs 250/-
Fifth Winning Prize: Rs 120/-

Briefing a bit about the prizes, the first winning prize is worth 26.05 lakhs rupees while it falls all the way down to 9000 rupees for the second prize. Then there is a 500 cash prize for the third title holders. The fourth and fifth award winners get 250 and 120 rupees each. So, see these prizes can be yours in no time. Think about the game and grab some very affordable amount of money in your pocket. Head towards your bright future that is possibly waiting for you only. Till then have a look at Nagaland Dear Kind Morning lottery results of 8th April 2021. Check updates on our sites.