Does ‘Name That Tune’ Film in Front of a Live Studio Audience?

Although Name That Tune may seem like a new concept for younger audiences, it’s actually a revival of a game show that was popular decades ago. Now that Jane is hosting the new version of the show, she’s also reliving fond memories of watching the original when she was a kid. “I loved Name That Tune growing up as a kid. I grew up in a pretty musical family,” she told TV Insider

“I have a musical background, and I just thought it would be a hoot to do, and here I am,” Jane continued. “I just completed hosting season one, and it was so much fun that I really hope we get many more seasons to come.” 

Jane also spoke about working with Randy Jackson, who is also on the show. She said that, although the two of them didn’t know one another beforehand, they had an almost instant connection. 

“We got along so fast and furious,” Jane explained. “I think we partly bonded because we had to quarantine for 14 days. We checked on each other every day, we were playing sample games [on] Zoom every single day in quarantine, and by being quarantined in a foreign country together for so long we really bonded.” 

It seems that the quarantining paid off for the show. Unlike most TV being filmed right now, Name That Tune can sustain a live audience in a way that is, at the very least, reasonably safe. 

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