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It’s always a pleasure to earn money. Isn’t it friends? Raise your hands if you want to earn money while playing! Yeah! Bring it down, we have got you!

Today, we bring this article exclusively for Roblox players to earn unlimited money in Roblox. Money here refers to Robux as well and you can use those free robux to level yourself up and clear stages.

Free Robux and Roblox in Brief

Roblox is an amazing platform to learn, earn and play. It is not a single game but a platform to create different games and give those your name. Users can play their own created games as well as games created by others. Roblox came into the market in 2005, and by 2021 it has almost 1 million daily active users, so you can guess that the game is pretty good.

Robux in Roblox is a gaming currency that either you can buy from the Roblox store or you can get it by playing and winning in a series. The robux can be used for multiple purposes:

  1. Used to buy limited time exclusive items.
  2. Get game passes to get in-game bonuses in GTA style game, Jailbreak.
  3. Many games over the platform require robux to access the game.
  4. Buy Avatar items such as clothing, weapons for free in the game.

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There are various ways to get Robux and unlimited money in Roblox. Below is the list:

Robux Generator

Premium membership

The great way! but you have to spend little bucks to buy a builder’s club/ Premium membership. Once you buy the membership you will get free Robux.

$4.99 per month – 450 Robux per month

$9.99 per month – 1000 Robux per month

$19.99 per month – 2200 Robux per month

Roblox Promo codes

Roblox Promo codes are available over Twitter or Facebook time-to-time. You just have to keep checking this platform’s Roblox official page.

Gift card generator

Gift Cards Generators works like the Robux generators. These are the unique codes that are generated, these gift codes you can use to buy Robux from sites. There are so many sources to generate free gift cards.


This is a secure way but for this, you need to have a builder’s membership. If you have then you can proceed to the section. You can make your own shirts, pants, and accessories and buy them over the platform.

  • Go to the homepage of the Roblox site -> “Develop” tab-> “My Creations” -> “Item category” ->Item
  • Go to settings -> configure ->set robux price ->sale
  • If you can successfully sell the item, you would get 70% of its price.

GPT sites

GPT sites are the best way to earn rewards for anything. These sites work on give and take rule. These sites patch up with some branded firms to give them real feedback from users. So what these sites do is they want people to like you to go through the questionnaire, downloading videos, downloading apps, completing surveys, etc, and then in return, these sites give you some rewards. You can use these rewards to buy robux.

Some of the GPT sites are Swagbucks, Pointsprizes, surveyJunkie, Cashforapps, etc.

Using GPT sites is absolutely safe and secure.

Report Violaters

Last but not least, Keep an eye on Violaters! Roblox is a community of billions of players including kids and adults. If you find any adultery activity or any wrong activity with you, you can report to the Roblox support and in return, they will give you free Robux. PS: The violater must be a violater with proof i.e the one who is breaking rules and regulations or doing any nonsense activity. You can not raise any name of your choice. You have to report 100+ violators to grab rewards in the form of Robux.

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Well, friends, this is all about Roblox. I hope you would love reading this article. So, what are you waiting for? Pick and method and grab unlimited money in Roblox. We all love free stuff and so do you and me. The above-discussed methods are very easy to earn Robux, especially GPT sites, and report violates, Though you can choose any!

Please share your feedback in the comments below mentioning the method you chose and respective benefits.

Thank you!