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Easily unlock phone with mask if you have this device

Easily unlock phone with mask if you have this device

As we know the world has suffered from pandemics and thus wearing a mask has become essential. So, unlocking phones with Face ID has become a challenging task and quite hefty too. It becomes a phone sensor to recognize your face if you are wearing a mask. Big phone manufacturers have realized the issue and Apple has come up with the solution.

iOS 14.5 tries to solve the Face ID mask if you have an Apple watch.  The new iOS 14.5 went into beta on February 1. Apple has imposed this on MAC already and now it’s coming to iPhone. The watch and iPhone work in a similar manner.

You lift your iPhone to turn on the screen, and you’ll feel a little bump of haptic feedback on your Apple Watch to indicate that your iPhone has been unlocked. The devices must be in close proximity for this to work in the first place, which is a measure to keep your data secure. (If the Apple Watch is locked, this won’t work either.) And this Apple Watch shortcut is only good for unlocking your iPhone; App Store and iTunes purchases will still require other authentication if your face is covered. And as a final security check, you’ll still be asked to put in your passcode every few hours even when unlocking with Apple Watch is enabled.

According to the wall Street Journal, “Apple is contemplating introducing to an in-screen fingerprint reader to complement Face ID for the iPhone 13. The latest iPad Air also highlights a Touch ID fingerprint sensor within the power button. This shows that Apple is giving many features and choices in future devices”.

The setting to this is to be done manually. To do this, go to the  Settings > Face ID & Passcode. There you will see a toggle button with the label “Apple Watch”. You have to turn it on to unlock your phone through your watch.

After enabling this button, you can unlock your phone through a watch. Simply look at the phone and the phone gets unlocked. Like unlocking, you will get the option to lock the phone as well. The procedure is the same.

So, enjoy wearing a mask and unlocking your phone easily. Stay safe and healthy. Thank you!

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