Enhance circulation and get relief with this wearable massager

Whether you’re in need of a spa or some post-workout recovery, the pandemic probably has your go-to massage spot out of reach. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a stellar massage at home. Whether you need help cooling down after your virtual spin class or you are recovering from a harsh injury, we have an awesome gadget that you need to check out.

Meet the Thermosage 7-in-1 Circulation Enhancing Massager. This quirky-looking wearable is the world’s first device that offers massage, air compression, infra heating, graphene, theralite therapy, magnet therapy, and cold therapy. Not sure what half of that means? Here’s a breakdown of what each of those features does for your body:

Massage: You probably know this one. Three modes—shiatsu, tapping, and kneading—are designed to promote circulation.

ActivAir Compression: Speeds up recovery and boosts circulation throughout the entire body.

Infra Heating: Designed to target sore areas and flush out any remaining lactic acid.

Graphene: To rejuvenate and restore tired muscles.

Theralite: Red light therapy to boost your overall wellness.

Magnet Therapy: To balance your magnetic energy.

Cold Therapy: To reduce swelling and inflammation.

To use the massager, you first need to wrap it around your legs. Depending on where you are sore, you can choose to either target your thighs, knees, and calves or your feet, ankles, and calves. Once you have decided, you can use the velcro straps to secure the wearable. The last step? Just sit back and enjoy!

It is important to note that we aren’t the only fans of this massage wearable. In fact, with over 500 backers, the Thermosage Massager raised $81,196 on Indiegogo!

You can score the Thermosage 7-in-1 Circulation Enhancing Massager for only $99.99. 

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