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FAU-G Releases overseas on Google Play, Availability on App Store is unknown

FAU-G Releases overseas on Google Play, Availability on App Store is unknown

FAU-G is released Globally now, it was first released in India on January 26. The game was announced back in September 2020 after PUBG was banned in India. FAU-G is an Indian app developed by n-cores. Though the app gets criticism on simple gameplay and no weapons, its downloads show the good features of the app. This is when the app launched in India.

FAU-G is similar to PUBG, though simple but interesting. The game is less violent and allows players to have hand-to-hand fight only. No advanced weapons are available. nCoreGames announced on Twitter that the game, FAU-G, will be available around the world on Google Play Store.

To date, the game is only available to Android users and there is no information regarding its availability in App Store. It is one of the top free games in India. Though not every user liked the gameplay, that does not change anything to its popularity. People are loving it as this game is good for all age groups even for kids as it is less violent. The genre is the same i.e role-playing game.

The game comes with the perspective of “Aatamnirbharbharat” and represents Indians do not require any app that breaches security. FAU_G was announced in September 2020 when PUBG was banned along with 117 other Chinese apps. The pre-registration for the app was announced in November 2020. You will be surprised to know that Approx 4 million pre-registrations requests came for the app. And after its launch within a couple of days that app surpassed more than 5 million downloads.

As I have already said, people are giving mixed reviews but I would like to say this is just the start. Wait for more versions. And the company is going to release two new modes soon i.e. Free for All’ and 5v5 ‘Team Deathmatch’.

Dear Readers, I hope you are happy with the information.

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