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Here’s how FAU-G is different from PUBG

FAU-G vs PUBG?  Confused? Nowadays if gamers are talking about something is definitely PUBG and FAU-G.  These two have created a great hype among all avid gamers. As we all know that PUBG was banned by Indian Government. and gamers were feeling ditched after this move by MEITY. But later on the announcement came that stated that country is all set to welcome our own PUBG like game that is FAU-G.

Just after this announcement, people start speculating about it. The reason given by government for this ban was that “the game was engaged in activities which are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India. Defence of India, the security of state and public order.”

nCore has taken the charge to make this game popular

If sources have to be believed then there will be no denying in saying that there could be a great extent of similarities between the two.

And now PUBG Mobile India and nCore’s FAU-G are all set to pace their race to come first in terms of popularity. Here PUBG Mobile India is still behind and trying to be in good books of Indian Government whereas FAU-G is just few steps away from its official release on Play Store.

Initially the speculations were rife that FAU-G will not get immense popularity because people are more interested in PUBG as they are already into it and familiar with the platform but now you will be surprised to know that there are millions of people who have pre-registered for FAU-G, Great, right? Gamers are anxiously waiting for the launch of the game.  Now it will be interesting to see how situation unfolds later on.

But before that Let us answer your some questions. The internet is flooded with the questions like “How FAU-G will be different from PUBG?” or “Are they similar?”, “FAU-G vs PUBG”. If these questions are also boggling your minds then stop your search here buddies, as we have prepared a complete detailed difference between the two.

Just keep scrolling to know everything about it.

Here’s how FAU-G is different from PUBG : FAU-G vs PUBG

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As FAU-G is all set to launch in India. But here mobile gamers in India must be aware about the basic differences between the two mobile games.

  •  FAU-G is action oriented but PUBG is a battle royale. : If sources are to be believed. then FAU-G is an action game. As it will feature the recent Galwan Valley clash as one of the major scenarios. So  it is not a battle royale where as in PUBG. Squads fight with each other and the last standing player wins so it is a battle royale.
  • FAU-G will be based on real life incidents whereas PUBG is an imaginary battle. :  it is not based on on real life incidents. As news are coming that the first episode of FAU-G will feature the scenario created at GALWAN valley by China.
  • FAU-G is going to be a co-op game where you take down AI enemies. PUBG Mobile does not involve AI enemies.
  • In FAU-G mobile game, There will not be any privacy or security concerns. As there no information will be migrated and will be stored on Indian servers only which was not in the case of PUBG. It was developed by South Korea so there were security concerns and was banned later on.
  • Vishal Gondal confirmed that FAU-G would feature melee combat mainly and here no guns will be involved. There will be melee weapons though, which could be used against enemies. PUBG Mobile also features melee weapons, but the main combat involves guns.