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Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS5 and Part 2 news a no-show at FF7R concert

A remake of Final Fantasy 7 is rumour or real?

Final Fantasy 7 remake PS5 is coming in windows and PS5 as per rumour.

Final Fantasy 7 is an interesting video game developed by Square Enix in 1994 and it is directed by Japanese gaming director Motomu Toriyama. The craze of Remake of Fantasy 7 is too high and fans are expecting a remake of the game but sadly That is a rumour there is no final fantasy remake. Final Fantasy 7 remake concert was held in Japan but In that concert, there is no announcement regarding the remake of the game.


The tweet of “Gematsu” clear all the hustle, he tweeted that news regarding the Remake of Fantasy PS5 is misinterpreted.  Yes, It is heartbreaking but there is no FF7R; It looks like that there was a miscommunication or misinterpretation. Fans are very excited and as they are expecting upcoming games during the concert but Gladly As per the reset gaming forum, there are lots of news regarding Final Fantasy 7 Remake are on the way.

Aitai Kimochi also tweeted :

“The intermission ” breaking news ” segment with the words FF7 REMAKE NEWS…

….only to be followed by “Let’s talk about FF7R concert goods is the biggest troll ever “

The comments that appeared on the video posted by square Enix is translated by Twitter user Aitai Kimochi.

According to the tweet ” FF7R co-director, Toriyama’s message about the upcoming show is very interesting. He mentions there will be a special small section where we talk about FF7R.”

Later Aitai Kimochi clarifies that “I’m seeing news outlets say Toriyama will drop news of FF7R based on my subs, and that’s not correct. ” According to a tweet she clear that There will be information not an announcement at the concert. But as a Fan Don’t lose hope. We all know that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is in under process according to last year announcement and there must be something new for fans.

About the concert

The concert was on Saturday, February 13, at 5 pm JST. The FF7R theme song was “Hollow” and performed by the orchestra; led by GRAMMY Award-winning conductor Arnie Roth.


In the end, it is miscommunication regarding the Remake of Final Fantasy VII but with this fans were also expecting the PS5 version of the game, which is rumoured to have a new story content. We all know that final fantasy remake 7 is on the way according to last year announcement.  But At the time of the first part, there is a lot of information according to the Final Fantasy Remake. They are not doing any announcements, All the information or any statements are created by rumours.