For Thierry Breton, in some cases a platform needs to know the identity of Internet users

In an interview with Le Monde, the European Commissioner for the Internal Market considered it necessary to review the rules governing the supervision of online content.

Within the framework of the current European reforms, publication under “anonymity or a pseudonym would be possible, but, in this case, the platform must know the author’s identity even before a certain time to the audience limit (which is to be determined). Has been crossed ”.

According to him, some Internet users now have a much larger audience than traditional media, which gives them the same responsibilities as an editorial director or a content editor.

Furthermore, “when illegal content is published, the platform should be able to say who is behind it. And remove the content in question. When illegality is apparent, the content should disappear from the web very quickly. In other cases, the evaluation may take longer ”.

And if the platform does not remove illegal content, “it will be approved financially. If it continues and is repeated, it could be denied access to the EU’s internal market.”

To regulate the sector, he envisions an authority “designated to monitor the information space. In France, it may be the Superior Audiovisual Council, the National Commission for Informatics and Freedom, suppression of fraud or an ad hoc structure. These officers will be responsible, along with the Commission, for assessing disputed matters and enforcing the sanctions ”.

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