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Fortnite Challenges Leaked for Week 15 – Check Latest Leaks Here

Fortnite Challenges Leaked for Week 15 - Check Latest Leaks Here

The entire Fortnite fans are waiting for the Fortnite Challenges leaked for Week 15. Every time, Fortnite game developers burst out with new updates to keep gamers engaging. That’s a good thing. You are here, as exhilarated to know about Week 15 challenges. Well, keeping reading to know what’s new this time!

Well, this is beyond the shadow of a doubt that Fortnite is a popular battle game. Weekly Challenges and seasonal updates make the games more appealing. Every time the players try to discover what’s new so that they can make an effort to untangle it. Fortnite is the only battle game that goes through immutable leaks.

Fortnite Season 5 is close to the ending. Season 6 will arrive on March 16. So, the developers came out with supercool challenges this week to make this season memorable. But what are the challenges? Let’s have a look.

Fortnite Challenges Leaked for Week 15

Every time by completing the Fortnite Weekly Challenges, The gamers will have the opportunity to win a bonus. As it is the last weekly challenge of Season 5, this time the players have the chance to win 40,000 XP for each challenge. Sounds Amazing!

Tip:  As we are approaching the ending of this season. So it is a golden opportunity for the gamers to grab as many challenges as they can. These challenges would help you stock up new items and skins from the store. These items will be a boon for the Season 3

Since it is the final task, to complete some challenges you need to spend bars. But don’t mind and spend 3 bars in order to grab these challenges.

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Let’s Check out FortniteWeekly Challenges for Week 15:

Fortnite week 15 challenge

1) Upgrade a weapon (0/1) – 40,000 XP

This is not a time-consuming task. You have to spend some gold bars and purchase any upgraded weapon. That’s it.

2) Purchase Item from a Character (0/1) – 40,000 XP:

For this, you have to purchase any item from the character. Since all the items present here are at a very low price. So, it seems no difficult.

3) Get Intel from a character (0/1) – 40,000 XP

Fortnite week 15 challenge

Go to any NPC that has intel.  Give him some gold bars and get any secret information from him. As soon as you get information, your task will be completed.

4) Hire a Character (0/1) – 40,000 XP:

Fortnite week 15 challenge

You need to spend 100 gold bars in order to hire character. Remember, hiring character leads you to win the game easily. Find out anyone who offers you service in 100 gold bars.

5) Spend 5 seconds within 20 meters of enemies while sand tunneling (0/5) – 40,000 XP:

Fortnite Challenges Leaked for Week 15 - Check Latest Leaks Here

It is a damn easy task. There are sand hills around the player. The player can hide in such hills. As soon as another player came closer to you. Just spend 5 seconds with your enemy and that’s it. So simple and interesting it is.

6) Spend Bars (0/500) – 40,000 XP:

For this task, the player will require to spend 500 gold bars. So, attempt this task at the end.

7) Distance traveled through sand (0/500) – 40,000 XP:

As the name indicates, Players will have to stand at the top of the Sand until it swallows up. Try to walk a little distance and wait until you get the notification that you have successfully completed the task.

Fortnite Week 15 Legendary Quests

  • Duel Characters (0/5) – 55,000 XP
  • Duel Characters (0/10) – 22,000 XP
  • Duel Characters (0/15) – 22,000 XP
  • Duel Characters (0/20) – 22,000 XP
  • Duel Characters (0/25) – 22,000 XP

It appears that the main agenda of this week’s quests are on the NPCs that are on demand. To get Legendary quests, the players are required to battle NPCs at least 5 times. It seems quite a laborious task. But as it is the last series of challenges of this season. So get ready.

When These Challenges will arrive?

Week 15 challenges will arrive from Thursday. This time, the game developers came with simpler challenges to make it easier for all the gamers. Epic Quests will give you twice XP of what Legendary Quests require. Data Miner iFireMonkey discloses the details regarding Season 15. These Challenges will go live from 11th of March to 18th March.

Wrapping Up

Well, this is all about Fortnite Challenges leaked for Week 15.  Try out these challenges. Which Challenge do you found out interesting? Share it with us in the comments section below. Share it with your near and dear ones.

Thanks for reading!

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