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Fortnite Cosmic Summer event: Time, Venue, and What to expect with Today’s Event

Fortnite Cosmic Summer Event

Key Specifications

  • Fortnite Cosmic Summer Event is going to start anytime today.
  • This event will be extended up to 2 weeks.
  • This cosmic summer event will bring special rewards and new quests

Fortnite Cosmic Summer event: The game developers are going to launch a new Cosmic Summer event that will continue for two weeks. The celebration will kick off in a few hours.

There were reports on Monday that that Epic had invited users to come and attend the ‘Cosmic Summer Celebration’ by RSVP-ing to its tweet, which racked up over 28,000 replies at the time of publishing this story.

This is not the first time, Fortnite is popular for its in-game events, celebrations, and even concerts.

Start Date

The Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration is scheduled to begin on June 22nd, 2021 i.e. today

Start Time

The event is set to begin at 9 AM ET. That is 1 PM GMT and 11 PM AEST. There has been no word on if the start time will differ depending on the region or if it will begin globally at once.


Believer Beach

More Information about the event

Attending the Fortnite Cosmic Summer event is quite easy. The players need to assemble at Believer Beach in time for the event to start later today – at 6:30 PM.

However, this time usually people are engaged in lectures, work, or other commitments during the day. That’s why the company extended the event for two weeks from today.

Unfortunately, there is no more information regarding the Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration is revealed yet. However, there are speculations that during the Fortnite Cosmic Summer event, special rewards and new quests in the game will tease.

It is quite expected that the map will receive some changes, while new hidden items could be located around the island.

Compatible Devices

The gamers on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC/Mac, and Android should be able to participate in the game event. However, gamers on iOS will still be unable to play since Apple booted the game from the store for not complying with its in-app purchases rule.

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Stay tuned to find out more details regarding the Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration.

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