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Fortnite Season 7: List of all Vaulted and Unvaulted Weapons

Fortnite Season 7 Weapons

 Key Specifications:

  • Fortnite Season 7 comes with new Futuristic weapons, a new theme, and a new map.
  • Some of the new weapons include Kymera Ray Gun, Rail Gun, Recon Scanner, and Pulse Rifle.
  • All the Primal-themed weapons have been removed.

Fortnite has finally brought its new Season Fortnite Season 7 with the alien and sci-fi themes, new characters, and other unlockable cosmetic items. The most exciting change is the arrival of new weapons.

Lots of new futuristic weapons have been added to the game. Let’s check what new weapons have been added in this new season:

  • Kymera Ray Gun
  • Pulse Rifle (Sloane’s Variant)
  • Recon Scanner
  • Rail Gun

Kymera Ray Gun

The Kymera Ray Gun can be found in Rare, Legendary, and Epic rarities and able to “emits a continuous and deadly ray”

Rail Gun

The rail gun is a “high-tech rifle” that comes in the same rarities as the Ray Gun. Rail Gun can fire one powerful shot.

Pulse Rifle & Sloane’s Variant

The Pulse Rifle is an automatic weapon that can be found in Rare, Epic, and Legendary rarities. Pulse Rifle slows down in fire rate when aiming down sights.

List of  all Vaulted and Unvaulted weapons in Fortnite Season 7

Besides these, like other Seasons Fortnite has vaulted and unvalued many weapons this season. Fortnite Season 7 will starts today 8 June 2021 at any time. Let us check all the weapons before the season begins.

Vaulted weapons:

  • Common Revolver
  • Epic Revolver
  • Legendary Revolver
  • Harpoon Gun
  • Rare Revolver
  • Uncommon Revolver
  • Uncommon Infantry Rifle
  • Rare Infantry Rifle
  • Legendary Infantry Rifle
  • Epic Infantry Rifle

Unvaulted Weapons:

  • Common Submachine Gun
  • Uncommon Heavy Assault Rifle
  • Common Suppressed Submachine Gun
  • Rare Suppressed Submachine Gun
  • Uncommon Suppressed Submachine Gun
  • Legendary Hand Cannon
  • Epic Hand Cannon
  • Common Pistol
  • Epic Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
  • Rare Pistol
  • Uncommon Pistol
  • Legendary Pistol
  • Legendary Heavy Assault Rifle
  • Common Tactical Shotgun
  • Common Pump Shotgun
  • Epic Heavy Assault Rifle
  • Epic Heavy Assault Rifle
  • Common Assault Rifle
  • Rare Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
  • Legendary Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

Weapons Removed

According to the reports by HYPEX, this time Primal Theme weapons will remove completely.
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