Google Assistant gets standalone lock screen settings

Key Specifications

  • Google assistant is getting its own Lock screen settings.
  • This new feature lets users access Google Assistant without opening the lock screen of the phone.
  • Google Assistant’s new lock screen setting is now under Popular Settings
Google Assistant is adding new standalone settings for the Lock Screen. Users can access it under both Popular Settings and All Settings menus. Before this, the lock screen setting was found under the Personalisation menu in the settings.
Google Assistant has recently introduced many standalone settings for virtual assistants. This feature will help the users to access Google Assistant even without opening the lock of their phone.
In order to use this feature, users first need to activate it on their devices. When you activate this feature, you will be greeted with a message:

 “Get hands-free help from your Assistant when your phone is locked. You can turn it off anytime in your Assistant settings.” can do.”

In addition, the message states that

“For help with personal information, such as calling and messaging your contacts, turn on Voice Match and say “Hey Google” so that your Assistant can recognize your voice.

How to use this feature?

After clicking on the Yes, I’m in button on the bottom right corner, users are shown two toggles – Assistant responses on the lock screen and an additional sub-menu.

Activating the first toggle will allow Google Assistant to respond to queries by the user, even if the screen is locked. Users can activate the virtual assistant by saying the “Hey Google” command.

The sub-menu toggle is for also activating personal results without the user having to input the voice command.

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