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Google Meet to get soon Live Streaming, Closed Captions, Hand raising feature, and many more

Google Meet new features

Key Specifications

  • Google is adding a bunch of new features to Google Meet.
  • These features include Live Streaming, Hand raising feature, and Closed captions during live streams
  • All these features will roll out in the coming months

Internet search giant Google introduces new features to Google Meet for education customers. The aim of this massive update is to help both students and teachers make ‘studying-from-home’ stress-free.

Google Meet is bringing changes to the hand-raising feature as well and live captions to video meetings. It will also allow all teachers to be hosts of the meeting so that more than one person has control over the meeting.

The company also said that once a teacher is present, students who are on the Classroom roster will be automatically admitted to the meeting. Students will be placed into a “waiting room” and won’t be able to see or communicate with other participants until a teacher is present.

Moreover, a student who is not on the Classroom roster will have to “ask to join” and only the teacher can allow them into the meeting. The main motive behind it is to make the experience more effective for teachers and more fulfilling for students.

Live Streaming

Google Meet will soon allow users to host public live streams. It will be streamed directly to YouTube so anyone outside an institution, like parents or teachers from other institutes, can attend a meeting.

This live streaming feature will roll out in beta later this year and will be widely available for customers in early 2022.

Closed captions during live streams

Another feature includes closed captions during live streams. This means they will be able to visually display the audio in a program.

Live Translations

Google Meet will also enable live translations so users can listen to someone speaking a language and see real-time captions in another language.

Hand raise Icon

Google will roll out an improved hand-raise icon and sound. When a hand is raised, it draws the teacher’s attention. Once a student with a raised hand is done talking, their hand automatically lowers.

Other features

Google will enable admins with Education Standard and Education Plus to end any meeting in their organization directly from the investigation tool. Doing so will also turn off Quick Access automatically so nobody can rejoin the meeting without the host present.

In the coming months, it will be rolling out support for multiple hosts on Google Meet.

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