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Google Messages’ New Update Brings Text Categories, OTP Auto-Delete Features in India

Goole new features for Messaging app

Key Specifications

  • Google adds two new incredible features to its Messaging app.
  • These features include sorting of messages and sorting of messages.
  • It’s completely the user’s choice to toggle on or off both features.

Google is all set to release two exciting new features for its Messages app. The first one enables automatic sorting of messages in different categories while the other enables auto-deletion of one-time passwords (OTPs).

Sorting Feature

The company is adding a new way to view messages as users receive a lot of different types of messages, from friends and family and businesses sending promotions, receipts, order confirmations, and more.

Google says that this feature will make it easier to search and see the message. Google’s message category feature works on machine learning technology. This automatically filters messages by category. This includes messages from personal, ATM transactions, OTPs messages.

The messages for transactions and bill payments from the bank will be filtered and moved to the Transactions tab.

Google says:

“All of this happens safely on your device so your conversations stay in the app and you can access your categorized messages offline”

OTP will be deleted after 24 hours

Google is also adding the option to delete messages carrying one-time passwords (OTPs) automatically. These messages will be removed after 24 hours so that users don’t spend time deleting them manually.

To enable auto-delete OTP messages, users need to tap ‘continue’ when the suggestion prompt appears under the OTP category in the Messages app.

In the blog post, Google says:

Google announces two new features for Google Messages users in India. New features will roll out in the coming weeks in English on Android phones in India running Android 8 and above. Users need to update the latest version of Google Messages.

These features will run on Android 8 or newer versions. Both of these features are optional and can be toggled on or off in Settings.

If the categories feature is turned on, SMS messages on Google Messages will be categorized into different sections, based on their usage. For instance, bank transactions and bills will be filtered into the transactions tab, while conversations with saved numbers will be put into the personal tab.

Last year, Google expanded spam protection to help reduce the volume of unwanted messages by automatically moving suspected spam messages into a spam folder.

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