Google Stadia Stepping back from gaming: Know details

Google Stadia Stepping back from gaming_ Know details

Google stadia is not a new name to the gamers. Stadia is a cloud gaming service developed and operated by Google. The gaming platform is capable of streaming video games to players up to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second with support for high-dynamic-range via the company’s numerous data centers. Gamers were enjoying the platform, but unfortunately, Google has taken a U-Turn. Google has stepped back from the gaming platform and does not want to build its own games anymore. The platform that once had its own cloud-based console, controller, and the promise of homegrown triple-A games, now does not want to be a game company anymore.

Stadia is not going anywhere, if you have purchased games, you can enjoy those games but from now you can not simply sign in and buy or rent games through Google’s cloud services. Stadia will remain a platform. Google will now upload games from partners and thus not going to build its own games. This will not only increase partnership but also gives a lot of options to the players.

After seeing Cyberpunk upload on Stadia and success, Google has taken the step.

Harrison defines Stadia as a “technology platform for industry partners” — which suggests to me that he’s talking about turning Stadia into a white-label cloud gaming service.

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A message “Come partner with us; we don’t plan to compete with you anymore.” 

Alongwith this, Stadia decided not to disappoint existing Stadia Players and continuing its previous services but not going to add any new form from now onwards.

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