Google will now let Android users store COVID-19 vaccination card on their phone

Google is now working a letting Android users store their COVID-19 vaccination cards on their phones. Now, the users no longer have to carry a physical certificate to prove their vaccination status.

Google announced on Wednesday that it has updated its Passes API to enable a secure way to store COVID-19 vaccination card, COVID-test results on Android phones.

The feature will roll out for users in the United States initially, then it will expand to other countries. The company said it will not keep a copy of the information.

Users does not need to install any particular app to store or access the digital card on their devices.

The COVID Card will show information such as the name of your vaccine and when you took its first and second doses. It will also provide details on COVID-19 tests.

Google announced in a blog post:

However, for this purpose, health care organizations or governments will be required to use Google’s system to make vaccination cards available to people digitally using the new tools

You can save the card from the app of your healthcare provider or through the email or text message you will get from the government agency or organization conducting COVID-19 vaccination or tests.

How to store COVID Card on your Android device

Google has enabled the COVID Card for all users who have devices running on Android 5. If you have a compatible device and your healthcare provider has used the updated Passes APIs, you will see a Save to phone option on the app or website of your healthcare provider to let you store the COVID Card on your device.

Once tapped, the option will ask if you want to save with Chrome or Google Pay. You will need to choose Google Pay there even if you don’t have the Google Pay app.

The card will also require you to enable the lock screen on your device if you don’t have one already.

Once the card is stored on your device, you can find it by going through Settings > Google > Account services > Google Pay.

You can also add a shortcut icon to your device’s home screen after you find the card available in the Google Pay settings.

If you have the Google Pay app installed on your device, you can find the COVID Card by touching the bottom of the screen and swipe up.

Since the COVID Card store on your Android device and not the cloud. It will show the information even when you are offline or in areas that have weak Internet connectivity.

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