Hawaii’s COVID-19 Vaccination Plan Is Ready But The State Is Keeping It Under Wraps

According to reports, the island state of Hawaii has drafted plans to distribute the covid-19 vaccines to the people once the first official vaccine is available.

Hawaii officials have stated that they had submitted Hawaii’s covid-19 vaccination plan to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention by a federal deadline. This was announced by them on Friday. Though there is no US approved covid-19 vaccine yet, the Hawaii officials are drafting a plan to distribute the vaccines once it is available.

This move comes after the CDC’s announcement that stated that the State Health authorities can initiate plans for the distribution of the covid-19 vaccine among people.

The world has not yet seen a globally approved Covid-19 vaccine except Russia’s Sputnik 5. While we concern about the US, the US has not yet approved any covid-19 vaccine for official use. But as the CDC has asked the State Health authorities to initiate covid-19 distribution plans among people, Hawaii has come forward to do it.

Hawaii’s covid-19 distribution plan will focus on the distribution, messaging, and Storage of the vaccine. Hawaii has not yet officially shared the document of the plan to the public view, but the officials say the plan will be ready for public view in the next few weeks.

According to the CDC officials, an effective covid-19 vaccine is soon expected and the CDC will grant the emergency permission for the vaccine to be used in the upcoming months. Therefore, the state can expect approval of some covid-19 vaccines soon.

The vaccine should get formal approval from the US federal government and US Food and Drug Administration. It is up to the state to plan and organize how they will store, ship, and distribute the vaccines among people. It is to be noted that the vaccine should be kept in Sub-Zero Temperature. It should also be given to people more than one dose, depending upon individual cases and intensity of Coronavirus.

The Department of Health is the agency that is in charge of drafting a plan. State Attorney General, the Healthcare Association of Hawaii, Hawaii National Guard, Hawaii Emergency Management agency are some other agencies involved in drafting a plan.

It is expected that only a minimum number of vaccines will be available to the public during the initial phase of the vaccination program. As there would be the only minimum number of vaccines available, it will be administered to the prioritized group of persons including seniors, health care workers, etc.

Hawaii has registered over 13,000 cases of covid-19. Among them, a minimum of 900 people has been hospitalized. Recently about 8,000 people arrived in Hawaii for the pre-travel testing program. This program allowed Travelers to come to Hawaii without the need for Quarantine. This program was Hawaii’s idea to boost its tourism industry, which got heavily affected due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The local restrictions in Hawaii were relaxed before the summer holidays, which led to an increase of cases. Now, the Travelers are allowed to come to the island for Testing if they could produce a negative result.