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How to edit your skin in Minecraft: Easiest step by step guide

Edit your skin in Minecraft

Do you want to edit your skin in Minecraft and make it according to your choice? Wearing good skin is always attractive but if you can edit your favorite skin according to your choice is no more a dream. Go through the article below and get to know how you can edit skin in simple steps.

In everyday life, we often edit out clothes, alter them, and make them look trendy. So in games as well, you do not have to feel low or jealous of other’s skins. To customize your skin in Minecraft, you should have a paid version of the game. having a paid version of the game, allows you to upload the skins easily.

How to edit your skin in Minecraft?

Method 1: Manual

  1. Download the default skin from the skin area.
  2. Open the file for editing in an image editor like Paint.
  3. Edit it, change color, etc.
  4. After editing, upload the file again, Wear it and flaunt.

Method 2: Using Minecraft Skin Edit Tool

Using the Minecraft Edit tool is a better and convenient way. Below are a few steps to Edit your Skins. In the last of this article, I am going to share a video as well that you may refer to.

Step 1: Open the Skin Edit tool. You will get a blank skin here with the preview of your default skin at the bottom, a color palette, and many editing tools.

Step 2: Start your drawing and fill the empty color palette. In real-time, you can see how your outfit/skin is looking like. Do not worry too much and give it a try the first time to see how it works. Turn the mouse to see how the skin is looking like from another side.

Step 3: When you finish editing, save the image or skin.

Step 4: Upload this new coll looking skin. and you are done! You can use this anytime.

Moreover, if you do not have time to edit, you can go to Minecraft forums. On Minecraft forums, there are many skilled people. So, you can request anyone to share edited skin with you.

How to Download and change skin in Minecraft?

  1. Go to
  2. Select a skin of your choice.
  3. Click the download or save button.
  4. The file then saved in your Downloads folder by default with a .png extension.
  5. Then open Minecraft.
  6. Go to the skins option.
  7. Select skin from the main menu.
  8. Browser, upload from your system.
  9. That’s all!

Final Words

Hey Minecraft players, this is all about how to edit your skin in Minecraft. I hope you would like this guide and can edit your skin easily. Do share before and after pic of your skins with us, if you want. Thanks for reading.