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6 Creative Tips to Increase Snapchat Streaks Like a Pro

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Wish to give a boom to your Snapchat Streaks and searching for simple yet effective tips? Continue reading the page and get a rundown of the creative tips to rock the Snapchat world like a pro.

If you are a regular Snapchat user, then you are surely aware of the term Streaks or Snapstreaks. Undeniably, it is utterly useless in the real world but serves as a symbol of pride in the Snap world. Envy of your friends’ growing Snapstreaks and looking forward to maximizing your score? Scroll down the page to the end and make yourself aware of 6 ultimate tips to increase your streak like a pro.

Without further ado, let’s get started!!

Best tricks to Increase Snapchat Streaks

1. Beginning matters the most

The day on which you start sending Snapchat Streaks to your friend or loved one matter the most. You are advised to commence this process on some special day, be it an anniversary, birthday, or any day that you can remember easily. This simply helps you in counting the days and in setting a goal.

Moreover, starting a streak on a special day grabs much attention and increases the chances of reply by manifolds. It keeps the other person engaged for the long haul and sets the right platform to continue the same.

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2. Choose the Willing Participants

Look, the secret to the growing Snapstreaks is the willingness of both participants. If either of you is not willing or not interested in this process, then the chances of discontinuing the same are on the rise. Not everyone bothers to keep the streak going and might not be interested in sending snap daily.

Therefore, you are advised to look for willing participants who wish to set a streak record like you and start a process with them.

3. Re-organize your friend list

Yet another simple and creative way to increase streaks on Snapchat is to reorganize your friend list and let this trend goes on without any hassle. It might be possible that some of your Snapchat Streaks might be the friends who are not on the list of your best friends or with whom you don’t interact frequently. Here, the need of reorganizing your friend list arises.

In such cases, use the Snapchat renaming feature and change the names of those contact so that they can start appearing in the friend list. When selecting the new name, add a prefix like aa, aaa, etc to get it pinned to the top.

4. Stick to a Particular Time of the Day

The golden rule to keep growing your Snapstreaks is to stick to a specific time of the day. It helps you in continuing the process without any hassle. Try to send the snap at the most convenient time, either immediately after waking up or before going to bed, or any time in between.

Users can also set this as a reminder as a part of the alarm to get notified about the same. This will eliminate the chances of discontinuing the same to the maximum.

5. Make use of blank photos

Snapchat Streaks sometimes get discontinued owing to the lack of content. Keep in mind the fact that you don’t need a high-quality Snap to keep the streaks going. It’s just a part of continuing the streaking process and no one is going to judge you. Instead of this, just send the blank photo and add a caption ‘Streak’.

Moreover, you can also use the same picture every day to continue the flow without indulging in a hassle. It is one of the simple and creative Snapstreak ideas to keep continuing this thread for so long.

6. Focus on the people with whom you interact frequently

Last but not least, the way to keep your streaks growing is to target the people with whom you frequently interact and send them snaps to check their interest. If they reply back, which is a great possibility, then you can simply set the record without any fuss.

Honestly speaking, there is no point in starting the streaking process with someone you rarely communicate with and it absolutely doesn’t make any sense. It is the easiest way to get over the initial hurdle. Once this game has attained its height, both of the participants will start loving it and take all measures to keep it going for a long.

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The Bottom Line

So, there you have the list of 6 creative and simple ways to grow Snapchat Streaks like a pro. Don’t wait for more and follow these effective tips to increase your Snap score in no time. For more updates, keep visiting the page regularly.