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Instagram is testing the ‘Limits’ feature, which allows you to restrict abusive, harassing comments from groups

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Instagram introduces a brand new feature – limiting unwanted comments and messages from groups of users to fight abuse and harassment on the platform. Called ‘Limits.’ This is an extension of the Instagram feature allowing users to mute and restrict, abusive and harassing comments.

Currently, this feature is in the initial testing stage and is limited to some users. But very soon we can expect its launch officially.

Instagram gives the power to groups of accounts you can limit comments and messages from. This will restrict users to comment on a particular post. The feature is aimed to let users limit unwanted comments and messages for a certain period of time, say a day or a week. Instagram will remind users to turn off the limit after that time.

Initially, this new feature of Instagram is first spotted by Twitter user Ahmed Ghanem. After that, Social media consultant Matt Navarra tweeted many screenshots of the Limits feature.

Check out if this feature is accessible to you or not.

To do this, the users need to Go to the Settings of Instagram account then tap on The Privacy settings. Under the privacy settings hit on “limits”

The Company talks about the latest feature and gives the following statement:

 “We want to give people more ways to manage intense instances of harassment or abuse.

We’re testing a new tool that lets people hide comments and DMs from recent followers or people they don’t follow for a certain period of time” 

Instagram is rolling the new feature that recommends groups of accounts that you may want to limit comments and messages from. You will also get the option to select whether you want to limit accounts that are not a part of your followers or are your recent followers.

Once you have preferred who you want to limit, the platform will hide comments and messages from all those groups of accounts unless you approve them.

This feature is very much similar to Restrict option that was introduced in 2019. However, Restrict option lets users manage harassment from individuals. Whereas, Limit feature limits unwanted comments from groups that target people for abusive and harassing attacks.

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