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Instagram Is Working On An ‘Exclusive Stories’ Feature Similar To Twitter’s ‘Super Follows’

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Key Specifications

  • Instagram is working on a new feature of Exclusive Content.
  • This feature works similar as Twitter’s Super Follow feature works.
  • Now, Exclusive Stories will be available only to Membership users

According to the reports, Instagram is working on its new feature called “Exclusive Content”. It will allow creators to post exclusive content to their Instagram story that’s presumably only available to subscribers.

This feature work in a similar way that Twitter’s Super Follow feature works. The Exclusive Stories will only be available to creators’ fans who will have to pay in order to access the content.

Earlier, YouTube introduces a similar feature for its users with a membership. A reverse engineer, Alessandro Paluzzi revealed the Exclusive Stories feature. He says:

Instagram will publish “Exclusive Stories” to their accounts. These stories get their own designated color. According to screenshots, when an Instagram user comes across an Exclusive Story, they will be shown a message that says only “the members” can view this content.

Users can’t take the screenshot of Stories. But they can hare it as a highlights

A prompt also encourages creators to “save this to a Highlight for your fans,” explaining that if creators put the Exclusive Story as a Highlight, fans have something to see when they join. Here is the first look at the exclusive story:

Instagram new feature

This new feature will bring certain changes in the app that includes:

  • The Exclusive Stories icon will be purple.
  • It will not be possible to take screenshots of exclusive stories.
  • Exclusive stories can be saved as a Highlight
  • When a user has a fan club, the subscribe button will appear in their profile.
  • For the other users, the Exclusive Stories will be shown a message that says that “only members” can view this content.

Instagram confirms that they are developing such a feature. But this feature is not publicly tested yet. Surely, this feature will come as an expansion of Instagram’s broader plan to expand monetization tools for creators.

The Company states:

The screenshots were only “internal prototypes”.

The company also declines to comment on specific details about its plans and that it was “not at a place to talk about the project yet”.

Currently, this feature isn’t even available for alpha testers on Android.

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