Is Microsoft really charging Outlook and Hotmail users to keep old mails?

Is Microsoft really charging Outlook and Hotmail users to keep old mails_

Microsoft’s Outlook and Hotmail free users have received a warning message That “you have reached a new Storage limit”. The Storage limit is set to be 15 GB. And  If users wish to boost that capacity to hold onto archived emails, then they’ll need to pay $69.99 or £59.99 a year. Thus the long-term users get affected by this message the most.

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Microsoft phased out Hotmail in 2013 and migrated users to Outlook.com, though keeping the email addresses, the same.

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As the Daily Express reports, people well over the 15GB limit have suddenly been locked out of sending and receiving emails until they delete older ones.

The limit was set with Hotmail years back and it’s now continuing with Outlook. So you might say that it’s the user’s fault that they have occupied the whole space and now in the dilemma of sending and receiving mails.

We are not sure but it has been said that Microsoft did not even send a warning message even and immediately pause services to the accounts. Of course, many users have noticed no change if they have kept their emails within the limit avoiding large file attachments. But the users who got caught and got message as well because of their full storage limit, they will have to pay for Microsoft office 365 suite to resume the services. or else they have to go through a tedious task of deleting unwanted mails from outlook mailbox.

A tweet from a common user is below:

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