Joe Biden lashes out after being asked about Post’s Hunter Biden exposé

Former US Vice President and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden lashed out at a reporter when he was confronted by media about the recently exposed email thread of Hunter Biden that showed his involvement with a Chinese company.

A controversial email thread showing Hunter Biden’s link with a Chinese conglomerate over a business deal has been exposed recently by The Post. An unnamed source has confirmed to Fox News that Young Biden is part of the deal. The email also refers to someone as “the big guy”, who is none other than former Vice President and current Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, according to some sources who do not want to reveal their identity.

When Joe Biden was asked about Hunter Biden’s explosive email thread, he answered that he has no response to it. “I have no response,” he said. Joe Biden met the reporters outside his private jet on Friday. After his busy schedules with his presidential elections campaigns in Michigan, he was asked about his response to the controversial news about his son. Biden replied, “I know you’d ask it” to the journalist. He stated that he has no response to this controversial news.

“I have no response, it’s another smear campaign, right up your alley, those are the questions you always ask,” was his immediate reply.

Biden campaign has registered their response to the 2015 email, which showed VadymPozharskyi, an adviser to the Ukrainian energy company Burisma thanking Hunter Biden for allowing him to meet Joe Biden. The campaign has stated that Joe Biden carried out the official US policy towards Ukraine back then and was not engaging in any wrongdoing. They further added that the administration officials of US President Donald Trump have also attested to these facts under oath. Joe Biden was the Vice President of the US back then, serving under former US president Barack Obama.

However, to the current email thread allegation involving Joe Biden’s role in the Chinese business deal, the Biden campaign has denied any wrongdoing. They have also said that they have published the tax details and returns to prove Joe Biden has no part in this deal with China.

According to the latest update, the FBI is currently investigating whether the explosive emails have any possible influence on Russia. The FBI wanted to know if the emails are a Russian move to spread any disinformation to back Donald Trump in the ongoing US presidential campaigns. It is to be noted that the 2016 campaign of Donald Trump had Russia play a significant role in hacking and social media campaigns. The FBI wanted to know if Russia is interfering again in 2020 to back Donald Trump. The sudden surfacing of these emails has raised so many questions among the political persons. Though some are doubtful about the veracity of the email thread, some unnamed sources have confirmed to the Fox News that the email thread involving Hunter Biden is true and authentic.