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Killing Bites Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Story and Everything We Know So Far

Killing Bites Season 2 Release Date

Looking forward to the Killing Bites Season 2 Release Date and totally unsure about when it’ll be going to hit the screens? Read on and find all the updates here.

After treating fans with the endearing first season in 2018, it seems like that makers are not in the mood of rolling out the second installment in the near future. The production flag has still not shown the green flag to the second serving of the season so far. But still, we are expecting that the sequel to this interesting and popular series will surely release to cater to the fan’s requests.

A Quick Recall of Killing Bites Season 1

Killing Bites is a fantastic Japanese action, anime TV series inspired by the Manga series of the same title. Basically, Sinya Morta has written Manga and 16 volumes have been conceptualized in the Manga magazine to date. Liden, the creator of this sci-fi series adapted the same and converted it into the animated one.

Comprises 12 episodes, this fabulous creation of Liden Films were premiered between January and March 2018. This animated series became widely popular and highly appreciated among viewers worldwide and has ruled the roost.

The first installment of this series has dropped everyone’s jaw in law and left the fans at a cliffhanger. Since then, the viewers are desperately waiting for Killing Bites Season 2 Release Date. But their wait is still going in vain as no official announcement has been done yet about the sequel of this spellbinding TV series.

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Is there any projected Killing Bites Season 2 Release Date Available?

Let’s be honest, the makers of this series have not officially commented on the second installment of this series. But if sources are to be believed, then there are speculations that the second season of this anime series can hit the screens in early 2023.

Look, the clear reason for not renewing the second servings of this TV series is the lack of material. Since the makers of the show have used 7 out of 10 volumes in the first season, therefore, they didn’t have much to go for the second installment. But now, 16 volumes have been created so far and, therefore, we are expecting the sequel of this TV show sooner or later.

If makers begin the production this year, still, the final content will be available somewhere in the year 2023, which is quite far. There is no official or tentative Killing Bites Season 2 Release Date is yet known to anyone, hence, don’t expect it anytime soon.

What Do We Expect In Killing Bites Season 2?

Well, season 1 of this remarkable series has focused on two protagonists Yuya Nomoto and Hitomi Uzak. Four Zaibatsu Conglomerates genetically engineered hybrids and they were capable of transforming themselves into animals. Yuya Nomoto was totally unaware of his friends’ bad intentions and joined them in a plan of raping a girl Hitomi Uzak.

They kidnapped her but she, being the animal hybrid, killed everyone except Nomoto. Innumerable battles took place and normal humans also participated in the same. Later, in the series, Yuya Nomoto expressed his feelings to Hitomi. But she killed him on the orders of Shido, her guardian. However, he was alive and this fact was unknown to Hitomi and Shido. Season 1 of Killing Bites ended here and left the viewers with a bunch of questions.

Why Hitomi killed Nomoto? How Yuya is still alive? Why Shido asked Hitomi to kill Yuya? The fans are expecting that everything will be cleared in the second installment of Killing Bites. Moreover, they are waiting for other twists and turns as well. We all are hoping that the makers will announce the Killing Bites Season 2 Release Date soon so that the mystery will get resolved.

What about the cast of Killing Bites Season 2?

It is expected that Hitomi and Yuya Nomoto will remain in the lead in season 2 as well. Along with them, Shido will also be part of the sequel as the reason why he told Hitomi to kill Yuya is still unknown. He has the powers to control the hybrid matches and thus his presence is totally confirmed.

Apart from them, there is no idea about other characters of a second serving of Killing Bites. But one thing is for sure that new and interesting characters will be introduced to add some fun and thrill.

When will be the Killing Bites Season 2 trailer coming out?

Since the shoemakers haven’t announced the sequel of Killing Bites officially, there is no question of trailer arises. However, we’ll update you as soon as any official information will get released. Hopefully, the trailer will go on air soon and the fans will gonna love it.

The Final Word

So, this is all about the Killing Bites Season 2 Release Date. Hope you find it well. For more updates about this Japanese TV series, stay in touch with us.