LastPass to remove cross-platform functionality for free users


As we all know, LastPass is a famous platform to save passwords in a secure vault. This free service was very useful for users who do have to remember a lot of passwords every day. But now Lastpass decided to limit the functionality of the app for free users. To date, Lastpass has given functionality to free users like he can access the app from two different platforms, mobile, and desktop. From 16th March 2021, the firm has made significant changes and will allow users to access the functionality from one type of device only but unlimited.

So users can now either save the passwords on the mobile version or the web version but not both! So if you are using Lastpass on your mobile devices you can use it on Android, iOS, tablets, etc but not on the web version and Vice-versa.

The company said “We’re making changes to how Free users access LastPass across device types. LastPass offers access across two device types computers (including all browsers running on desktops and laptops) or mobile devices (including mobile phones, smartwatches, and tablets). Starting March 16th, 2021, LastPass Free will only include access on unlimited devices of one type.”

The company added that “As a Free user, your first login on or after March 16th will set your active device type. You’ll have three opportunities to switch your active device type to explore what’s right for you. Please note, that all of your devices sync automatically, so you’ll never lose access to anything stored in your vault or be locked out of your account, regardless of whether you use a computer or mobile devices to access LastPass,”.

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So, if you still want to use Lastpass on both platforms(mobile and web), you have to upgrade to LastPass Premium. Lastpass Premium gives a lot of features to users like dark web monitoring, emergency access, a security score dashboard, dedicated personal support, unlimited device type access,  advanced multi-factor authentication, and more. And users can enjoy all these services at just $3 per month.

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