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Levinho vs Sevou: Who has better stats in PUBG Mobile?

The Swedish brothers Levinho and Sevou are two of the most successful PUBG Mobile content creators. The brothers now have millions of subscribers in Youtube and are known for their fantastic solo vs squad and duo vs squad gameplays. They play mostly in Europe server, and in this article, we compare their in-game stats. Both of them are really good players of PUBG and have good records in the game. Many people follow their games. Levinho has very fast reflexes and perfect aim and also plays with gyro on with 4 finger claws similar to the one of europe’s best player Coffin. He plays PUBG on his iphone XS Max. He is also popular because of his fan Paulo Dybala  who is a star player of football team Juventus.

In the current season, Levinho has played almost 542 matches in the squad mode and triumphed in 35 matches, which translates to win percentage of 6.5%. He has 2430 kills and also have finished in the top ten 114 times . The PUBG mobile player has also maintained an amazing  K/D ratio of 4.49. He has also played a single solo game in europe server and has a victory with 18 kills. When Sevou started  his youtube channel his brother Levinho already got fame so he referred people to watch Sevou’s gameplay as well, when he started he used to play on iphone XS max with 2 finger but later he practiced a lot to become a professional and started playing in ipad instead of an iphone with 6 finger claws. Sevou has played 336 squad matches till now in Season 15 of PUBG Mobile and has emerged victorious in 28 matches with a win percentage of 8.3%. The YouTuber has 74 top-ten finishes and has a amazing 1406 kills with an excellent K/D ratio of 4.18.

The former has a better K/D  in squad matches, while Sevou is ahead in terms of the win rate in current season of PUBG Mobile. Comparing the stats of the solo matches is not possible, since Levinho has played only a one game. When the previous season’s stats are taken into consideration, Sevou has a better win rate, while Levinho has a higher K/D ratio. Levinho performed in a mammoth of 1408 squad  games within the earlier season and clinched 115 of them for a win rate of 8.2%. He additionally had 332 top ten finishes. He notched 6634 kills at an equally spectacular K/D ratio of 4.71. In the earlier season, Sevou had 113 Chicken Dinners from 1296 squad matches, which eventually came down to a win ratio of 8.7%. He accumulated over 5822 kills with a remarkable K/D ratio of 4.49. Apart from this, Sevou played four solo games and five duo matches but didn’t won any.

Both brothers Levinho and Sevou have awe-inspiring stats in PUBG Mobile game.