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Marvel’s Avengers upgrades delayed on PS5, Xbox Series X until 2021

Square Enix rolled out one of the biggest updates for Marvel’s Avenger this week which showed various new content. Now new reports from Crystal Dynamic developer team suggest that the gamers have to enjoy the recently released content for a while. According to the press release, the team announced that the next version of the game will not be available for new gaming consoles i.e. PlayStation and Xbox Series X until 2021.

The decision has been by the team to grant some more time to developers to “deliver a next-gen experience” to the users showcasing what this game meant to be with next-gen consoles.

The report by Square Enix suggested what new additions will be delayed for next-gen consoles. Among the first additions which are delayed is Kate Bishop, a new character in the game. The release date of this new character was scheduled for this month, but now it has been delayed for an uncertain time. No specific release date has been mentioned in the report. One of the operations i.e. Tachyon Rifts that was anchored with the release of this new character, Kate Bishop, has also been delayed along with “Taking AIM Missions.”

Well, the release date of this new character is not the only thing that is delayed, as the team went on to say that the addition of Marvel’s Avengers’ new version is also postponed. Earlier, it was speculated that the new update will be coming along with the release of PS5 and Xbox Series X in the fall, nonetheless, we won’t be getting it until next year.

This won’t stop gamers from playing the game on the upcoming gaming consoles upon their launches. Players will be able to run and play Marvel’s Avengers on PS5 and Xbox Series X with minor upgrades. The players can also carry forward the saved game from the old console to the next-gen console and can also be able to play with players using old consoles i.e. PS4 and Xbox One. No major upgrade for the new devices will be released except modification according to the new hardware specifications. So, increased FRP and quick load times can be expected.

The Square Enix team also clarifies that all the aforementioned things for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series will come at no extra cost. This also includes the whole new upgrade for the new devices.