Molkki Today’s Written Episode 6th May 2021 : Virender And Sakshi’s Second Honeymoon


Prakashi asks Virender about Sakshi in today’s update of Molkki. Virender tells her what the doctor had informed him. Prakashi then suggests Virender going on a vacation with Sakshi. Virender just looks at her surprisingly. She says that by doing this she will feel fresh and might even remember some things. Virender tells her that Sakshi’s condition is not good. He asks who will be responsible if something happens with her in the way. Prakashi tells him not to worry as the honeymoon will only help her get better. Virender gets shocked after hearing the word “Honeymoon”. Parakshi smiles and says that he is so lucky that he got to go on a honeymoon twice.

Meanwhile, Purvi comes there. She asks Virender to follow what Ma is saying. Virender agrees. He goes into his room and tells Sakshi about the plan. She gets excited and appreciates him for his surprise. He corrects her saying that it was Prakashi’s idea. Prakashi comes and tells Sakshi that even he wanted to go with her but just couldn’t speak about it. She tells him that she has all the bookings for their Goa vacation. Manas and Juhi come and tell Virender that Haathi will pack their bags as she knows what they like and what they don’t. Sakshi gets surprised. Later, Sakshi picks a T-shirt for Manas to wear. Manas refuses and says that he will wear what Haathi will select.

Molkki Written Episode

Sakshi gets extremely shocked. However, Purvi convinces Manas to wear the same T-shirt chosen by Sakshi. In the next scene, Virender looks for his file and calls her Bawri. Sakshi listens to this and asks Virender why is he calling her by that name. Virender tells her that she keeps messing up things so he calls her that. Sakshi thinks in her absence, Purvi managed everything so perfectly. She knows kids’ preferences and even Virender’s things. She feels like this house belongs to Purvi and not to her. She thinks to take that back from her.

Virender and the kids are upset because Purvi is not going with them. They make a plan and pack her stuff and put it in the car beforehand. When they were leaving for Goa, Manas and Juhi get adamant about taking Purvi with them. Purvi tells them she can not accompany them since her clothes are not even packed. They tell her that they have already put her bag in the car. Later, everyone including Purvi goes to Goa and reaches the hotel. Sakshi tells the kids to stay with Purvi in her room. Virender and Purvi share a look and get upset. Molkki’s written update ends.