Molkki Written Update 3rd May 2021: Sakshi Doesn’t Recognize Purvi


Today’s episode of Molkki begins with Sakshi. She loses consciousness. Everyone along with Virender gets worried for her. Virender asks Mamaji to call doctors for her. Mama carries Sakshi and takes her to the room. Purvi couldn’t believe what happened to Sakshi all of a sudden. Sudha and Priyashi make an effort to comfort Purvi. Later, the doctor tells the family that Sakshi is perfectly fine and they only need to take proper care of her. Virender asks the family to refrain from telling anything serious in front of Sakshi as it could affect her health adversely.

Virender looks tensed. Mamaji notices and asks him to stop worrying as everything will be fine. Prakashi then questions Virender about Sakshi. He sadly informs her whatever the doctor had told him. Prakashi assures Virender that they will make sure that Sakshi doesn’t get to know any shocking thing. On another hand, Purvi is sadly taking off her pieces of jewelry. She nags her destiny and wonders why nothing good is written in her fortune. Purvi remembers how happy she was to marry her love and spend a happy life with her kids and family.

Molkki Written Episode

Purvi questions God why she stole everything from her. She gets shattered thinking how she saved no one but the first wife of Virender. Purvi cries and asks God to help her. Meanwhile, Anjali and Prakshi overhear everything. Anjali smirks and tells Prakashi that her plan worked well. She adds that Purvi dreamt to own the palace but now she will be nothing more than a maid in this house. She praises Prakashi’s mind. The next day, Sakshi finally wakes up. She asks Virender for water. Virender gets happy seeing her awake and asks her about her well-being.

On another hand, Purvi notices that and gets sad. Anjali notices Purvi getting sad. She informs that to Prakashi. She says that Virender had not seen Sakshi for more than 5 years so he must give her all of his attention. Meanwhile, Sakshi sees Purvi standing outside. She asks her to come inside and asks Virender about her. Purvi gets surprised and wonders why did Sakshi pretend to not her when she had saved her. Purvi also thinks why she still hadn’t exposed Anjali’s real face to everyone yet. Later, Anjali asks Purvi to vacate the room and Sakshi will stay there from now on. For more updates on Molkki, stay tuned with us.