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New voice chat functionality coming to PS5: Check details

Sony rolled out a new software update or PS4 earlier this week and that had revealed a new voice chat feature that is coming with the new PlayStation 5. The new voice chat feature caused a stir among PlayStation games as they thought Sony would be able to peep on the voice chat without having to ask the user’s permission. Anyone who continues to use the voice chat function automatically agrees to grant permission to Sony to have access to his/her voice chat. Rumors about Sony employees eavesdropping on users’ private communication catch the swings on social media and gaming forums. But Sony has cleared all the confusion and issued a statement today.

According to the latest clarification given by Sony’s head of Global Consumer Experience, Catherine Jensen, that this is the new feature that will be included in the PlayStation 5 that is scheduled to launch in November. Users can report voice chats for “moderation” on the PlayStation network. All the PlayStation users have to agree, as they could be in the same voice chat with PS5 players in the future.

But the statement from Sony came a few days later, and since then, many PS4 users questioning Sony to “why bug our PlayStation 4, when we can’t use this feature ourselves.” Some rumors about Sony using AI to eavesdrop on users’ conversation and use all this information for marketing.

What Sony Explained in Details

In the latest blog released by Sony, Catherine Jensen, tried to limit the damage and explain the feature in every detail. She apologized for not explaining the feature so far. She went to say that the feature is used to report verbal attacks in voice chat, harassment, and insults. The Japanese tech giant makes it clear that employees are not actively listening in live and never will.

In order to use this feature, players who have been harassed while playing online can submit a report to Sony. Voice chat, up to 40 seconds, can be attached to this report where 20 seconds should be from the reported conversation and 10 seconds before and after. Sony also clarifies that these 20 seconds can only be selected from the most recent 5 minutes of the conversation. So, rumors about Sony recording all the chat is totally rubbish.

The reported voice chat would be sent to Sony from the device. Then employees will be able to check the reported voice chat and take the necessary actions if required. Sony hasn’t cleared what these “action” can be. There will not be an option to out of this function. All the users of voice chat function have to agree to these terms. The sole purpose of this is to make “all users to feel safe when playing with others online.”