Nisekoi season 3: Everything we know so far

Wondering whether Nisekoi season 3 will get premiered or not? Keep scrolling the page to get the updates so far.

It’s been almost five years when this Japanese anime series has made its debut with the first installment i.e. Nisekoi: Fake Love and unarguably, it has created a buzz around everywhere. The show was ranked 16 out of 30 best manga series in the year 2014 and left the fans spellbound. However, the show makers haven’t released any official statement for the release of the third installment yet. Continue reading to know about the possibility of renewal of Nisekoi for the third time.

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A Quick Overview of the previous seasons of Nisekoi

Nisekoi is a popular Japanese anime series with an excellent storyline. This features romantic light-hearted comedy that is totally different from the dark action anime that audiences generally watch. Inspired by Naoshi Komi Manga, this is a type of TV series that you would love to binge-watch as many times as you want. Created by Hayato Kawai, this series really did a great job and took tremendous response from the viewers.

The plot of its anime series mainly revolves around the Raku Ichijo Chitoge Kirisaki. In the previous season, fans have enjoyed the romantic teen love story between them, loaded with ups and downs. However, these twists and turns have woven this story beautifully. This couple belongs to the opposite gangs in the high school and but they fell in love with each other. It is one of those love stories that have a happy ending. In the end, Raku and Chitoge got married and both the gang befriend each other.

This Japanese love anime series was basically a remake of the manga of the same name. The first installment was aired in 2014 and got a quick renewal due to the amazing response. The second installment of Nisekoi has released so far and the entire season comprised a total of 32 episodes (Season 1 +Season 2). Since then, fans are eagerly waiting for Nisekoi season 3 but no official announcement is being made by any of the show members.

Will Nisekoi Season 3 Get Premiered?

Well, honestly speaking, no official word has been made by the show markers about the third servings of Nisekoi yet, therefore, nothing can be claimed regarding the same. However, the chances of its release are still high, owing to many good reasons. First of all, this anime series has a loyal and massive fanbase which will surely lead creators to think about its sequel.

Moreover, the story of this love anime series is still not completed and, there are lots of questions left unanswered in season 2. This is one of the best reasons for Nisekoi season 3 to come. On top of everything, show makers have enough source material to begin the production of this series without any hassle. Nisekoi has a total of 25 volumes which contain 229 chapters in total, which is more than enough to create the third servings.

So, don’t lose hope as anime series usually take 4 to 5 years for their renewal and Nisekoi is no exception. It will surely come with this final installment to complete the storyline.

What To Expect in Nisekoi Season 3?

If speculations are to be believed, then season 3 of this anime will surely be loaded with fun and surprises. It is expected that Raku and Chitoge will be blessed with a baby boy, named Haku. Onodera also confesses her feelings for Raku but she will get too late to do so. Later on, she herself will prepare the wedding cake for Raku and Chitogi. Apart from the happy ending, it is believed some fun element will surely be added to surprise the viewers.

What About Characters in Nisekoi season 3?

Some of the leading characters will definitely be seen in the third installment of the Nisekoi series. These include –

  • Raku Ichigo, the head of beehive (the rival organization). She is the lead actress and a very confident girl.
  • Chitogi Kirisaki, the son of Yakuza boss Shuei-Gumi. He is a gentleman with polite behavior.
  • Kosaki Onodera, Raku’s beloved childhood friend, and his secret admirer.

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The Final Word

So, this is all about Nisekoi season 3. Hope you find it informational. Don’t lose heart as this series will get renewed, sooner or later. Feel free to share your views in the comment section as we would love to hear from you.

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