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Overview of Battlegrounds Mobile India that includes Account transfer, new loading screen and more

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Key Specifications

  • Battlegrounds Mobile India comes with a new loaded screen with a big Krafton logo.
  • Players can transfer their in-game data easily.
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India took 6.06GB of storage on the device

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s beta version is live now but only for few users under the open testing phase. Luckily we able to get our hands on the game and we noticed these ten things during initial testing.

Overview of Battlegrounds Mobile India:

When you open Battlegrounds Mobile India on your Android device, it will remind you of the PUBG Mobile game. Everything will be familiar. After login into your account, you will find that the game has the same home screen and background music as PUBG Mobile.

The game will also let users transfer their in-game data over from PUBG Mobile that includes their skins, emotes, and other unlockables. But sadly, you can carry over your data only if your previous PUBG Mobile data was synced with a Facebook or Twitter account. Google Play Games logins will not be supported, at least for now.

One thing we notice that the data carried over doesn’t include your friend list. Hence, any friends you had in PUBG Mobile will have to likely be re-added in the new game.

After that, there will be a prompt that will ask the player if he is over 18 and are from India or not. You can respond “Yes” as there is no need for verification.

New tutorial mini-game

To target the new audience, Battlegrounds Mobile India has added the tutorial of the game.  This includes a training routine that will explain how basic game mechanics like movement, weapon-picking, weapon-switching, and weapon add ons will work.

New Krafton screen

Users will see a new loading screen when starting the game. In this new game, there is no mention of Tencent anywhere. Instead, players will now see a big Krafton logo.

When we start the match, we heard heavy warnings for safe gaming. Whenever you start the match, the players have to listen to this warning which is Lil bit annoying.

Battlegrounds Mobile India has the same maps, same weapons, gameplay mechanics, and overall appeal as PUBG Mobile. Only a few minor changes have been made in the game.

Changes that made:

  • The color of blood is green instead of red.
  • On the top left where it showed the number of players that are ‘Alive’ and the number of players you’ve ‘Killed’, now shows ‘Alive’ and ‘Finished.’

Other details regarding the game:

  • Battlegrounds Mobile India took 6.06GB of storage on the device
  • If you use in-game chat then it will ask you to give microphone permission.

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