Parler’s CEO has been fired

Parler's CEO has been fired

As it is known that Parler was a very large social media platform, widely used in the US but after it allowed content against the US government during the election, the site was banned. To this Parler CEO and co-founder, John Matze states they have been fired by his company’s own board of directors, according to a memo obtained by Fox News and The Wall Street Journal and a text message confirmation he sent to Reuters. Also, His LinkedIn page shows January 31st to be the last date of employment with the company.

Parler is said to be involved in January 6th riots at the US Capitol through the violated content spread through the platform. To this, Google and Apple have removed their app from Play Store and App Store. Moreover, Amazon has decided to take back its Amazon Web services after the platform becomes home to violent activities. For this, Parler tried to sue Amazon but all its demands were denied and it has also be said that the web hosting services will not be reinstated.

In an interview with Fox News on January 10, Matze mentioned that all the company vendors and his lawyers has abandoned him. On February 1, Matze stated that he was fired by the board headed by Mercer. He added that “he was fired due to his “strong belief in free speech” and his product vision”. He mentioned, “what I believe is a more effective approach to content moderation.”

Alongwith the riots, it is said that Parler has some privacy issues as well. The House Oversight Committee has raised an FBI investigation against parler and wants details of the 6 January riots.

On January 17th, the news came out like Parler will have testing services again, and all thanks to Epic web hosting services. Matze did not post anything after the 26th of January. His last post was a Bernie Sanders meme with the text “I wish that John guy would hurry up already.”

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