Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Written Update 6th May 2021: Mayura Saves Omkar Again

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka

Mayura asks Omkar if he is okay as the chandelier had fallen in the previous episode in Pinjara Khubsurti Ka. Omkar tells her not to worry. He thanks her for reaching on time and saving him. Then, Mayura sees some injuries on Omkar’s foot. She worriedly asks him about that. He tells her that he might have got these because of that chandelier. Meanwhile, Vishakha comes. Mayura asks how did it even fall in the first place. Vishakha tells her that maybe its nuts would have gotten loose. Later, Omkar carefully removes the obstacles in his way. He looks at Vishakha and winks at her. The latter gets shocked witnessing that.

Omkar asks Vishakha if he acts as good as her. Vishakha gets angry and tells him that whatever he is doing in the name of blindness is not acting but a complete betrayal. She says that once Mayura finds out his actual truth, she will lose her trust in him. Omkar tells her not to interfere with their personal matters. After that, Vishakha says that Tara told her she likes to stargaze. She adds that Tara painted 10 stars so, within 10 days, she will end her life. Omkar says that he will expose her before she can harm Tara. Later, Megha informs that Vishakha is related to the Haveli in some way so she planned the kidnapping.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Written Episode

Omkar says that he knew it. He knew that Vishakha is trying to take on revenge on him by using Mayura. Megha tells them that it is a good proof then. Omkar tells her that it’s not enough since they will not be able to prove her guilty. Meantime, Mayura comes and notices a file in Omkar’s hands. Megha quickly applies her mind and asks Omkar to sign on those papers. Mayura asks if she is taking his signature to which Megha tells her to mind her own business. though, Omkar lies to her saying he is planning to sell a piece of land in the village. Then, Mayura asks Omkar to have his medicines. Later, Mayura watches Tara’s video and cries.

Omkar wipes her tears making Mayura surprised. He tells her that isn’t obvious, she will cry after watching her daughter’s video. Later, in the garden, Omkar asks Vishakha about her family. She fumes in anger and asks him not to mention his family ever. Omkar tells her that in the upcoming days, he will make sure to throw everyone in her family on road. Vishakha angrily pushes Omkar into the pool but Mayura comes there and holds him instantly. She asks Vishakha why did she do that. while Omkar smiles seeing her in trouble. Stay tuned in space for more written updates on Pinjara Khubsurti Ka.