Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Written Updates 4th May 2021: Omkar Attempts Suicide?

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Written Episode

et’s check today’s written episode of Pinjara Khubsurti Ka. It starts with Omkar begging the doctors to help him get his eyesight back. The doctor tells him not to lose hope or panic and that she will do her best. Omkar sees Shankar and asks him about Tara. He tells him that he eagerly wants to meet his daughter. Mayura listens to that and gets surprised. Later, Omkar faints. Megha taunts Mayura that if she still thinks that Omkar is behind the kidnapping of Tara. Megha tries to assure her that Omkar is not pretending to faint. Mayura says that she doesn’t care if he is acting or not, she is just worried about Tara.

Later, Mayura tells Shankar to go back home and Maaji might want something. She asks Megha to look after Omkar well. Megha tries to tell her that Vishakha has kidnapped Tara but Mayura doesn’t see any motive of Vishakah to do so. However, Megha gives up and assures her that she will take proper care of Omkar here. Meanwhile, Sakshi arrives. She asks her why is she taking stress about Omkar’s health. She asks if she has started to trust him. Mayura tells him that only he can inform her about Tara so she just wants him to get well soon.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka

On another side, Vishakha asks the doctors about Omkar’s situation. They inform her that Omkar won’t be able to see again as he has lost his eyesight. In the next scene, Omkar wakes up and shocks seeing Mayura there. Though, Mayura asks him about Tara making the latter faint afterward. Later, Vishakha interrogates the lady guards about Tara. They inform her that she is doing fine and misses her family from time to time. On another hand, Mayura thinks if Omkar is up to something. Meanwhile, Omkar gets on the railing. He just stands there as if he is trying to commit suicide. Mayura gets shocked seeing him standing on the terrace’s railing.

Omkar nags his destiny for snatching everything from him. His business, his eyesight, and even his daughter. Mayura, Shankar, and other people ask him to come down. Vishaka also arrives there and smirks seeing the scene. Omkar asks Mayura to give his Tara back or else he will jump off the terrace. Shankar asks Mayura to promise him that she will bring Tara back. Mayura cries and nods eventually. What will happen next in Pinjara Khubsurti Ka? Stay tuned to our site to get the updates.