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PUBG Mobile Indian version: Teaser, gameplay changes, new website, and more details

PUBG Mobile Indian version Teaser Gameplay changes New website, and more details

Raise your hands, if you are too waiting for PUBG Mobile Indian version? Being a huge fan of PUBG, I was devastated after it got banned. But now my excitement got doubled and I would like to share information about PUBG mobile Indian version with all PUBG fans!

As we all know the Indian Government has banned some Chinese apps because of security concerns and PUBG was one of them. PUBG was one f the most played game in India in 2019 and PUBG owners were getting a huge benefit from it. To overcome this issue, PUBG corporation has decided to release a new version of PUBG exclusively for the Indian market. So, today I am going to share everything you get with this brand new version of PUBG like a teaser, gameplay changes, a new website, and more details.

To date 30 October 2020, the old game was available to play for players who have already downloaded it on their devices. After this day, the game was completely banned and no more accessible. Tencent Games has removed all the services. PUBG corporation promised to add more security to the game following local rules and regulations. Also, there are talks about local office setup and much more. The release date has not yet confirmed by the firm but it is coming soon for sure.

Points about PUBG Mobile Indian version

The developers have done a few changes to the game and here is the list. I think you must go through these points before actually playing the game.

Change #1: Green Hit effect

In the old PUBG game, the hit effect color can be customized according to the player’s choice but in the Indian version, it is set to green.

Change #2: Limiting playtime

This would ensure healthy gaming habits and players could not be able to play games continuously for many hours.

Change #3: Default clothed character

The characters are fully clothed now.

Change #4: New website

A new website is designed for PUBG mobile India. It would feature Social media posts, social media handles, and Youtube Channel. However, there is no content on the website right now, it is only displaying a coming soon message.

Change #5: Exclusive Sports league

PUBG corporation plans to invest in an esports league exclusive for the Indian region. This would give players a better gaming experience.


Well, friends, this is all about PUBG Mobile Indian version. I hope you like reading this article. Share your valuable feedback. You can add more knowledge to our words by mentioning your comments.